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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012, 00:35 UTC
[00:35:40] sphery: jpabq: does "make it the default theme" count? (probably a bit late for that change, though :) I love the idea of it as default since it has both square and widescreen versions.
[00:36:39] sphery: would be nice to have the "same" theme for all users regardless of aspect... So, maybe a 0.27 thing if others agree. That said, I'm very happy with Steppes in its current state, so don't have any requests.
[00:46:41] Captain_Murdoch: I'd be fine with making it default for 0.27. Steppes and the -narrow version are in use on all my FE's.
[00:49:51] sphery: I'm going to try to actually get some stuff done after 0.26 is out (well, after Oct--busy with work through then), so I might actually be able to help out with changes for it
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[10:32:19] stuartm: I don't actually think it's too late to make it default for 0.26, Terra is incomplete and unmaintained, better to switch now than have to nurse Terra along for another cycle
[10:32:49] stuartm: switching default themes has no effect on the stability
[10:34:14] stuartm: and it wouldn't affect existing users anyway
[12:09:26] stuartm: jpabq: have you themed the language/country selection screen?
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[14:09:09] jpabq: stuartm, I remember thinking about doing that screen, but then not doing it for some reason.... Would it require a code change to get Myth to show a theme besides Terra, or something? I will investigate when I get home from work tonight (~10.5 hours from now)
[14:11:08] stuartm: jpabq: should be able to force it's display with "-O Theme=Steppes"
[14:11:30] stuartm: for 0.27 I'll be exposing that screen via the frontend settings too
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