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Saturday, July 7th, 2012, 00:29 UTC
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[02:40:55] knightr: gamemenu.xml under mythplugins/mythgame/mythgame looks like old theming stuff that's no longer used, Can anybody confirm this so that I can erase it if it's indeed no longer used?
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[09:18:39] stuartm: it's not old, it's just in the wrong place – it should be under themes/menus/
[09:18:57] stuartm: mythgame/theme/menus/
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[16:14:54] knightr: stuartm, thanks! I really need to look into themes one day....
[16:15:25] knightr: it appears to be a (default???) game menu but since it's in the wrong place it never gets copied...
[16:17:17] knightr: another weird thing with it is that the action "GAME_PLAY" is not what the code it looking for which is "GAME_PLAYERS" (actually lowecase but there's a tolower() applied to it...)
[16:19:14] knightr: I can easily fix those if that's all there is to it but somehow there are too many things that don't add up so I am not sure what's going on there...
[16:19:16] stuartm: it might have been superseded because it wasn't being installed, but I'd leave it in anyway, just move it to the right place – menu themes can reference 'sub menus' which I think that originally was
[16:19:43] stuartm: I'll sort it properly when I work on the plugin api for 0.27
[16:19:51] knightr: there's also some old translations in that file that needs to be removed like we did ages ago elsewhere...
[16:20:12] knightr: ok, thank you!
[16:20:31] knightr: can I change the action too at the same time?
[16:20:36] stuartm: ah, I'd forgotten that we'd removed those translations, in that case there's really no good reason to keep it around, just delete it instead
[16:21:12] knightr: thank you, will do...
[16:21:16] stuartm: since it was never installed no-one is currently using it, and if it serves any real purpose it can easily be re-created at a later date
[16:22:06] stuartm: only reason to keep it for now would have been to preserve the existing translations
[16:23:48] knightr: if you think there is any possibility some might want to use it I can fix the directory and the action (and remove those old translations)
[16:24:20] knightr: it was because it didn't seem to be used that I was considering removing it (or at least remove those old translations...)
[16:25:11] knightr: s/some/someone
[16:32:15] stuartm: I think it's safe to delete it, I've changed my mind :)
[18:03:47] knightr: thanks, I have removed it...
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