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Thursday, June 7th, 2012, 07:19 UTC
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[15:16:05] ViperSBT: I really like that .25 now allows the downloading of themes, but I am wondering if the selection isn't a bit limited? Are there more/better themes out there and available?
[15:23:49] ViperSBT: Using Fedora 16 and MythTV .25 I am trying to get Firewire working with my Motorola STB. Going off the Wiki for Firewire I am running into a problem, my plugreport is coming back empty... Not sure if any of this will help or not:
[15:23:56] ViperSBT: Sorry wrong room
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[15:41:00] sphery: ViperSBT: FWIW, all of the themes whose authors have stated are compatible with 0.25 are available for 0.25 in the theme downloader. Any author can get their theme added to the downloader, so there's no reason that all compatible themes couldn't be available
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