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Thursday, April 12th, 2012, 01:26 UTC
[01:26:06] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, do you have a preference on the .25 branch name? Looks like Willi used 0.25-fixes .
[01:26:39] Captain_Murdoch: fixes/0.25 or 0.25-fixes, either are fine, or whatever you want. doesn't matter much to me.
[01:28:42] jpabq: I assume I just do: git branch 0.25-fixes; git checkout 0.25-fixes; git commit -a; git push  ?
[01:33:40] Captain_Murdoch: seems like it, but I've never had to do it before myself.
[01:45:53] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, I *think* I have created Steppes-narrow/fixes/0.25 Can you try it? If it looks good, then I will do the same for Steppes.
[01:46:12] Captain_Murdoch: ok, will do.
[01:48:35] Captain_Murdoch: yep, worked fine.
[01:51:24] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, Thanks. Steppes/fixes/0.25 should be there now, too.
[01:51:24] Captain_Murdoch: :q
[01:51:29] Captain_Murdoch: ok. :)
[01:57:19] Captain_Murdoch: both have been uploaded to the server, they should appear in the downloader in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. ftp rsync happens in 2:30 at 4:30UTC, then the new download index will get copied into place at 4:40UTC via a cron.
[01:58:08] Captain_Murdoch: hope you don't mind me waiting to get confirmation and a branch from you before putting them up for download
[01:59:33] jpabq: I understand your reasons, so it is fine. I have been "out of touch" for the last few weeks, so I didn't know about it, but I am sure it did not cause any harm.
[02:00:55] Captain_Murdoch: just a couple days late. would be nice if for 0.26, we had themes ready ahead of time. I should have mentioned it on the mailing list prior to release, but have been busy lately prepping for a move.
[02:01:20] jpabq: I do appreciate how responsive you have been with all this. I bet you are looking forward to automating updates!
[02:03:47] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, I actually had that setup on the new server, but had to revert when we figured out that the zip on CentOS 6 is too new for the unzip code in our libmythbase, so I need to get that resolved and then can turn back on automated packaging.
[02:04:34] Captain_Murdoch: s/the new/our/
[02:04:55] jpabq: Funny when enterprise linux has a package which is too *new*.
[02:13:17] Captain_Murdoch: :) I didn't see a way to force it to be compatible with older unzips, so I'll end up either updating the unzip code or changing to something else
[02:22:20] Captain_Murdoch: didn't think that the zip compression was buying much, but on Willi, I'm seeing 52% compression, Arclight only gets 11%, 30% on Steppes, so I guess it still is worth compressing and not just using something like tar.
[02:25:12] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: could you switch to gzip and use the gunzip code that's in there (didn't Beirdo put some in for the Schedules Direct mythfilldatabase stuff (when he replaced wget/system gunzip)?)
[02:25:29] sphery: shouldn't have any compatibility issues with gzip, I'd think
[02:25:55] Beirdo: well, then we'd have to put in tar code too
[02:26:16] Beirdo: gzip ain't an archiving format :)
[03:13:48] sphery: ah, yeah, forgot we don't have tar support
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