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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012, 13:45 UTC
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[14:34:46] Captain_Murdoch: Just an FYI to themers, your themes from master will not show up for download by 0.25 users by default unless you let me know you want them to. preferred way is to create a 0.25-fixes or fixes/0.25 branch in your repo and I can pull the 0.25 version from that branch while you continue to develop a master-compatible version in your master branch.
[14:35:07] Captain_Murdoch: I mentioned this on the -theming mailing list but wanted to state here in case some don't follow that list.
[14:42:15] wagnerrp: in the future, could that be done automatically by something that checks against the dtd?
[14:46:45] Captain_Murdoch: we want to add a tag to the themeinfo.xml file to indicate what version it is compatible with.
[14:47:25] Captain_Murdoch: still need to know where to pull the code from though. which branch to pull from for 0.24, 0.25, master, etc..
[14:48:35] Captain_Murdoch: that's why I want to get it in a website and DB instead of hardcoding an array in my script. once I move, I will have more time to spend on it. too busy with moving prep now.
[14:49:35] Captain_Murdoch: need to fix the zip version issue before I can automate packaging though. zip on CentOS6 is too new for the unzip code in libmythbase, so I'm still packaging locally. have a few solutions there, just need to pick one and implement.
[15:11:16] stuartm: wagnerrp: checking against the XSD will guard against syntax errors, but won't ensure that windows are complete and not missing critical components – I have a plan for a check on the latter but it's not ready yet
[15:31:38] stuartm: fwiw I know there are outstanding validation issues with multiple themes, I just haven't been pro-actively notifying themers about the issues found
[15:55:22] stuartm: might spend a couple of hours writing a script to automate validation of all themes offered for download and with pretty html report on the website of issues found
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