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Sunday, March 18th, 2012, 00:47 UTC
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[02:53:21] mrand: stuartm or any of the other themers, we found a patch that Gary apparently intended to commit to the Mythbuntu theme, but never got around to do so. Could you please consider it?
[03:58:31] sphery: mrand: Mythbuntu theme is now part of the MythTV-Themes project ( ) in the repo , and Gary has commit and admin access to it. He can also grant others he trusts commit access, if he's too busy to maintain it himself.
[04:03:12] sphery: (and, you--or someone else--could do up a pull request for that patch for him so it's a "one-click" change  :)
[04:04:29] sphery: or could file an Issue on the repo, I suppose, with a reminder –
[04:21:25] knightr: Mike ping me when you have some time tomorrow, I'll need your help for a few things... ttyt, I'm going to sleep now...
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[11:53:53] mrand: !seen gbutters
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