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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, 01:47 UTC
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[05:07:06] abqjp: Captain_Murdoch, I have updated both Steppes and Steppes-narrow for 498f9f60d9f2368eaa2092ce414b3045567a6379
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[05:09:56] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: and Steppes-narrow is now at (in case you missed that)
[05:10:49] sphery: (BTW, I just got hit with the "#mythtv-theming Cannot send to channel" issue)
[05:18:33] sphery: and I notice from my quit message that I wasn't my normal "cloaked" user at the time--perhaps from the reconnect it did the other day... Don't know if that means it didn't see me as a registered user or if I wasn't +v, but since the channel shows as +cnt, it shouldn't require either registered (+r) or voice (+m)... wonder if there's some too-broad ban in this channel?
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[16:25:43] stuartm: there are on bans on this channel ...
[18:02:08] Captain_Murdoch: Steppes-narrow should show up on the ftp site tonight and then I'll update the index .zip.
[18:02:35] Captain_Murdoch: still need to figure out something with the newer .zip on the new webserver not working with the unzip code but that will have to wait till after 0.25.
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