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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012, 00:24 UTC
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[00:46:12] sphery: abqjp / jpabq : did you want a MythTV-Themes/Steppes-narrow repo or to rearrange Steppes to allow 2 themes in one repo or to keep -narrow elsewhere or ???
[00:47:58] abqjp: sphery, option 1 or 2 would be fine. For option 2, would you want Steppes/Wide and Steppes/Narrow ?
[00:49:35] sphery: your call--it's your repo... the main reason we went with single theme per repo is because it allows themers (or, even users) to just git clone directly in ~/.mythtv/themes/ and work from the same directory MythTV uses to read the theme
[00:49:51] sphery: I don't know of any way we could get the same with multiple themes in a repo
[00:50:11] sphery: so it depends on how you work with it and what you'd like
[00:52:14] abqjp: I don't think it really matters to me. For a user that wanted to grab it from the repo instead of the download, I can see why separate would be better. For me, often if I am changing something, it is being changed in both...
[00:54:00] sphery: yeah... we should ask wagnerrp if git subtree would help with that--he's been looking into that
[00:55:31] abqjp: For now, we don't you do it as a separate repo, and we can merge later if we come up with a good way to do that.
[00:55:47] sphery: that's a great plan
[00:56:25] abqjp: Hmm, just bought a mechanical keyboard. I have not used one it years. Nice feel. Also nice that you can get them thar are not as noisy as they used to be.
[00:56:52] sphery: and if git subtree works, it will be a separate repo, anyway--and, AIUI, you would just use git subtree to take care of dealing with the right repo or something
[00:57:07] abqjp: Works for me.
[00:58:50] sphery: abqjp: you want it to be called Steppes-narrow (or other/different caps/...)
[00:59:38] abqjp: I believe that is what it is called now. I would leave it.
[01:03:31] sphery: abqjp: and you can convert your existing repo with git config remote.origin.url :MythTV-Themes/Steppes-narrow.git
[01:04:16] sphery: and then push once with a git push --all (and maybe git push --tags , if you've created tags)
[01:07:38] abqjp: I tried doing a fresh clone, and it says "You appear to have cloned an empty repository."
[01:12:03] abqjp: Going offline for a minute.
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[01:23:02] ** wagnerrp is around for asking **
[01:26:19] sphery: abqjp / jpabq_ : yeah, I didn't actually put anything into that repo, yet, since I don't have a copy of your -narrow repo. If you want, I can push it for you (just need a link to the repo), or you can do it yourself (just make sure all your branches--if you have any--exist on your local copy with a git checkout <branchname>, then run the git config remote.origin.url :MythTV-Themes/Steppes-narrow.git , then git push --all ...
[01:26:25] sphery: ... (and if you've done any tags, git push --tags)
[01:26:45] sphery: ah, I see it's in your github page... I'll push it for you
[01:29:25] abqjp: sphery, thanks. I am still fighting with my router. Finally put my Airport Extreme in place of my Netgear since it actually seems to work — however being an Apple product, it is very difficult to configure in a "power" way.
[01:29:29] sphery: abqjp / jpabq_ : all done... now the clone should work (and if you clone, no need for git config way)
[01:30:01] abqjp: Yup. Working.
[01:30:05] sphery: hehe, yeah, I got the privilege of helping a friend configure an Airport once... Glad it was only once.
[01:31:11] abqjp: As long as you get an old version of the "Airport Utility" it can be configured the way I want, but you have to jump through some hoops. With the latest version of their util, you can even see any logs.
[01:31:48] abqjp: can't even see any logs, that is.
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