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Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, 03:46 UTC
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[11:00:09] toeb: Hi, any interest in a patch for the schedule-ui.xml s metadataoptions screen? I would like to add a "Custom Query" button, which alllows to user to set a custom title to search for. Since at least for me eit data often is broken (subtitel or description appended to the title) the default query often fails, in most cases i can retreive the metadata yust fine after the program was recorded and i did edit the metadata
[11:02:58] toeb: my plan would be to create a MythTextInputDialog box with the input text set to the current title and then use the already existing PerformQuery() method with the overridden title value...
[11:04:14] toeb: And befor i create the patch, i was also wondering if it is allready possible to to something similar another way i'm missing...
[11:22:23] stuartm: toeb: we're more likely to accept patches for fixing the broken eit data (we already do that for a lot of countries)
[11:23:00] stuartm: toeb: these questions are best asked in #mythtv though and I suggest talking to gigem who is in charge of the scheduling/recording rule code
[11:23:35] stuartm: toeb: it's possible what you're wanting to do is already possible with a keyword or title search rule
[11:24:15] stuartm: oh, you're talking about the artwork stuff, so ignore that last bit
[11:24:56] stuartm: iamlindoro is the guy you want to talk to, he can be found in #torc
[11:25:49] stuartm: toeb: but still, we should fix the EIT issues, so please file a ticket for those – there are solutions available
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[12:47:10] toeb: stuartm: to to this EIT fixup stuff I would have to find a regexp pattern to extract the non title data from the title information right?
[12:49:14] stuartm: toeb: yes, if possible, i.e. they use a hyphen (-) or colon (:) or similar to separate the two in the title
[12:57:38] toeb: and how is dealt with titles which really include a (-) ? Wouldn't this break valid titles?
[13:27:41] stuartm: when the description is in the title, is the description empty?
[13:28:06] stuartm: toeb: let's move over to #mythtv, stuarta is there and he's the EIT fixup expert
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