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Monday, March 5th, 2012, 00:07 UTC
[00:07:41] knightr: jpabq, the message I get when tryiing to download ANY theme is "Unsupported PKZip version, skipping file"...
[00:11:13] knightr: could we be using some unzip code that's unable to deal with the way that zip file is encrypted? it would not only affect Fedora 16 though...
[00:17:00] knightr: Captain_Murdoch, ^^^^ could the theme file(s) have been zipped with an unsupported (by libs/libmythbase/unzip.cpp) pkzip version?
[00:35:55] knightr: (either that or for some reason the download fails and it's trying to process something unreadable thinking it's a zip file...)
[01:29:55] knightr: jpabq, . . . /000188.html
[02:53:31] Captain_Murdoch: knightr, ah, I know what that is. I recently switched to packaging the themes on our server rather than my dev box at home, so it must have to do with the version of zip on the webserver. I'll check into that. I verified the contents matched between the old and new .zips but didn't test downloading and extracting one.
[03:24:08] knightr: Captain_Murdoch, thank you! If you want me to check anything on my end let me know..
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[05:21:17] Captain_Murdoch: knightr, should be fixed once the ftp rsync happens.
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