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Sunday, March 4th, 2012, 00:04 UTC
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[19:00:43] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, I just did a fresh install of Fedora 16. Fresh build of myth. Downloading/Switching themes is not working. It acts like it is downloading the theme, and does not give any errors, but the theme stays as Terra. The ~/.mythtv/themes/ directory never has anything put in it.
[19:01:12] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, is there a verbose setting I can use to try and figure out why it is not working?
[19:03:32] knightr: jpabq, I have the same error with Fedora 16 (but I have other problems as well)... I saw something about an error unzipping when that occured but I did not have time to investigate further...
[19:04:37] jpabq: I will look at the logs I am getting closer.
[19:07:52] knightr: currently my frontend thinks I am using Steppes but I still see Terra...
[19:08:32] Captain_Murdoch: you can run with "-v file,network --loglevel debug" so you can see what the FE and MBE are doing. I'm debating just making the FE download from the theme ftp site directly rather than having the MBE download the theme and the FE download from the MBE since there seem to be having more and more people having problems with it.
[19:08:33] knightr: but my backend no longer wants to start...
[19:09:12] Captain_Murdoch: probably need a bit more error checking to make sure the theme is installed before I switch the Theme setting value.
[19:09:24] knightr: :)
[19:09:25] Captain_Murdoch: should be able to verify I can load the theme before we switch to it.
[19:10:35] ** Captain_Murdoch makes a note. **
[19:12:12] Captain_Murdoch: that's a bugfix so I can get that in. I also should be able to simplify the code a bit if the FE downloads the file directly rather than going through the MBE. going through the MBE is better if you have multiple FE's using the same theme, but it also hides the true download count.
[19:21:23] stuartm: yes and no, the total count is less useful that unique hits
[19:21:27] stuartm: s/that/than/
[19:30:12] Captain_Murdoch: we can always get unique hits out of our logs by checking IP address
[19:30:38] Captain_Murdoch: we'll also be able to see that IP a.b.c.d downloaded Steppes 1.2 twice and Steppes 1.3 once.
[19:31:52] Captain_Murdoch: so proxying/caching at the MBE layer just saves bandwidth on the ftp servers.
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