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Friday, March 2nd, 2012, 00:09 UTC
[00:09:40] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: Harley P asked me to move his theme into MythTV-Themes. It's at and has the exact same setup as his old repo. I'd appreciate your updating the packaging script, again. Thanks.
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[01:13:14] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, thanks. I re-packaged. Once the rsync runs tonight, I can rebuild the index .zip file so his new version shows up for download.
[01:17:42] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, yeah, having a 4:3 and 16:9 default is one of the reasons it might make sense to support multiple aspects in one theme dir, so users just set 'Steppes' and they get the right aspect version selected automatically.
[01:18:54] Captain_Murdoch: actually, that might be as simple as checking for filename-ASPECT.xml before checking for filename.xml.
[01:20:21] Captain_Murdoch: change LoadWindowFromXML("settings-ui.xml", "themechooser", this) to LoadWindowFromXML("settings-ui", "themechooser", this) and have that method check for -4:3 if user's display aspect is 4:3 or -16:9 if user's aspect is 16:9 and if the proper -aspect.xml doesn't exist, just load settings-ui.xml
[01:22:18] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, what do you think of the concept of having multiple supported aspect ratios in one theme directory? whether it uses the above idea or something similar, I wonder how useful it could be.
[01:29:30] Captain_Murdoch: jpabq, in -narrow, on the title search word page, the scroll indicators are a overtop of the right side of the buttonlist on top of the buttons.
[01:35:49] Captain_Murdoch: in the Videos section, some of my ratings appear to be too long to fit in on both the details screen or on the normal video list. "Rated PG-13 for violence and some language" is one example of a long one. not sure what you can do about that unless there are short and long ratings matches you can use.
[01:40:37] Captain_Murdoch: you may want to take a 4:3 screenshot as well.
[01:43:39] Captain_Murdoch: on the theme chooser screen, the theme name seems to touch the preview image for 16:9 previews.
[01:44:06] Captain_Murdoch: those are the only things I noticed and they're minor. Looks great.
[01:53:28] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, Thanks for taking a look. I see the arrow problem on the title search, and will fix that.
[01:53:56] Captain_Murdoch: yw.
[01:54:18] jpabq: On the "Rated PG-13 for violence and some language" where are you seeing that exactly? All I see is *just* the "PG-13" part.
[01:54:34] jpabq: Or, is this a video game?
[01:55:26] Captain_Murdoch: these are movies.
[01:55:49] Captain_Murdoch: could be metadata not up to date on my end.
[01:56:23] Captain_Murdoch: if you have short ratings, it's probably a metadata issue. I have housekeeper turned off on my dev system so no metadata is being fetched.
[01:56:35] Captain_Murdoch: I wouldn't worry about that then.
[01:58:11] jpabq: Okay. The documentation indicates that that field should just have the "PG-13" and not the description.
[01:58:48] jpabq: That problem you found with the arrows also affects the 16:9 Steppes.
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[03:11:51] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch, I have fixed the arrow position, and added a proper preview. Also add ZoneMinder, so Steppes-narrow is complete. No hurry putting it on the download server, though — I will probably find something else wrong with it before long.
[03:12:45] jpabq: I have also pushed v1.3 of Steppes, but there is no hurry on it, either.
[10:18:46] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: the 'Rated PG-13 for ...' string comes from the days when we pulled the metadata from imdb
[10:20:22] stuartm: tmdb doesn't provide the extended detail, but that's just as well since I want to use rating as a statetype so we can show the rating image in the UI
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