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Thursday, March 1st, 2012, 01:43 UTC
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[13:33:33] toeb: should I create a merge request for #10372, although there is a patch attached too?
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[15:48:49] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, do you want to take #10372 or just review it and I can commit sometime? I do see that as a bugfix.
[15:48:58] Captain_Murdoch: toeb, one of us will get it in.
[15:52:05] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: I'm happy for it to go in if you want to commit
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[16:01:09] Captain_Murdoch: ok, toeb I'll get it in. thanks.
[21:45:30] jpabq_: sphery: I decided to do a 4:3 version of Steppes while it was still fresh in my mind. I should have it ready tonight or tomorrow.
[21:51:46] Captain_Murdoch: jpabq, nice.
[21:51:55] Captain_Murdoch: jpabq_, nice. :)
[21:52:56] jpabq_: Captain_Murdoch: I hope it was worth it. I still have a hard time imagining that many people needing a 4:3 theme. That being said, it didn't take that much work, so I guess it was worthwhile.
[21:54:15] Captain_Murdoch: this is another case where my idea of specifying a fallback theme would come in handy. For example, you could have a Steppes and Steppes-narrow. Steppes-narrow would fallback to Steppes, so it could use any compatible images and would only need to override the xml and images that were absolutely necessary to make the narrow version.
[21:54:56] Captain_Murdoch: jpabq, I need a 4:3, I have several monitors on FE's and Childish doesn't suite them all. :) so, I personally thank you for supporting us 4:3 users. :)
[21:55:08] jpabq_: I can say Thank God (in other words Stuart Morgan) for <group>. I made HEAVY use of that, which made re-alignment pretty easy.
[21:55:09] ** Captain_Murdoch needs to tab a couple more time when completing **
[21:58:02] jpabq_: Captain_Murdoch: git://
[21:58:25] jpabq_: I have not done ZoneMinder yet. And I won't be doing MythArchive for the narrow version.
[21:59:56] Captain_Murdoch: heh, 95% of the work, I think they can deal with odd sizes...
[22:00:12] Captain_Murdoch: meaning MythArchive is 95% of the work.
[22:01:09] jpabq_: Yeah. MythArchive is no fun to theme. Partially because of how buggy it is.
[22:02:05] Captain_Murdoch: it might also be nice to allow multiple 'versions' of a theme within a theme. some way to embed both 4:3 and 16:9 (and 16:10 if themer wanted) into one theme directory. So, you install Steppes and it works on any aspect ratio the themer coded it for.
[22:03:05] jpabq_: Captain_Murdoch: Actually, if you have a 4:3 instal base, I would appreciate it if you could go through and do a basic test of Steppes-narrow to make sure I did not overlook anything. That is, before putting in on the Download server.
[22:03:39] jpabq_: That would be pretty cool. Could be tricky to mark-up though
[22:04:08] Captain_Murdoch: I'm not current on my production systems and my dev 4:3 is down, but could take a look using something like "-geometry 800x600"
[22:04:46] jpabq_: It would be nice to put another set of eyes on it.
[22:04:58] Captain_Murdoch: actually, my dev VM will do that, I just have it forced to 16:9 currently. I'll see if I can test drive it tonight.
[22:05:36] jpabq_: Thanks. I will let you know when I have ZoneMinder done --- although if you don't use it, there is no reason for you to wait.
[22:05:42] Captain_Murdoch: for the multi-aspect support, I'm thining a subdir for each aspect with a common subdir for shared components.
[22:06:14] Captain_Murdoch: some images might reside in the shared dir, some in the 4:3 dir and 16:9 dir if they wouldn't scale properly.
[22:07:32] Captain_Murdoch: that's a bigger change though than just having a fallback theme for now.
[22:08:48] jpabq_: The only image I modified for the narrow version, was the background. My icons should still be rendered okay.
[22:32:15] sphery: jpabq_: Woah... Super nice. Could become a new default theme for 0.25+, even, if you like... I was thinking a modification to the makefile that pulls in a 4:3 and 16:9 theme from a repo somewhere, and if we could do that before 0.25, you could keep Steppes/Steppes-non-wide under your control and we could still install them by default on all users' systems.
[22:32:37] sphery: I really like the idea of having "the same" default theme for square/wide users
[22:32:50] sphery: we could then move Terra and MythCenter* to MythTV-Themes
[22:33:56] sphery: Beirdo: what do you think it would take to have the MythTV/mythtv/themes Makefile clone or pull an update of an external repo? Or would we be better off just doing occasional syncs of a theme from another repo?
[22:35:09] sphery: and is there some sub-repo type magic that might be useful for jpabq_'s Steppes/Steppes-narrow stuff on MythTV-Themes (to better allow sharing while still allowing getting the right layout)
[22:36:35] sphery: jpabq_: also, we can move your existing Steppes repo to a subdirectory (maintaining all history) to allow you to have both Steppes and Steppes-narrow in the same repo, or we can easily create a Steppes-narrow repo
[22:38:06] sphery: stuartm had even mentioned his desire to replace Terra as the default with something more modern/more complete (since Terra is lacking icons for a lot of stuff, now, after all the new additions/changes), so I think he'd support the idea
[22:41:58] jpabq_: Steppes is complete, as far as I know. Steppes-narrow will be lacking MythArchive. If stuartm really wants to replace Terra as the default selected theme, then I am okay with that. One screen I have not done, is the language selection screen — it seems to be hard-coded to Terra.
[22:43:17] jpabq_: sphery, I will leave it up to you, Beirdo and Captain_Murdoch to decide how this stuff should live in the git repo.
[22:43:38] stuartm: jpabq_: "mythfrontend -p -O Theme=Steppes"
[22:44:25] jpabq_: stuartm, do you really want to pull Terra from the default?
[22:44:58] stuartm: it's not hard-coded, it's just shown before we've connected to the database so it can't load the theme setting but using the override should work
[22:45:38] stuartm: jpabq_: I think it's a bit late for 0.25, I'll try to get the missing stuff added and we'll think about it again for 0.26
[22:47:21] stuartm: hmm, looks like the overrides aren't being handled in the right order, again, so -O Theme doesn't work
[22:47:56] jpabq_: stuartm: Okay. That is fine. I would only do this if it was your desire.
[22:48:38] jpabq_: stuartm: Could be Steppes for 0.26, and then you could replace it with your new theme for 0.27
[22:48:52] jpabq_: Keep it fresh ;-)
[22:49:26] jpabq_: Unless you think your new theme will be ready for 0.26
[22:50:38] sphery: yeah, TTBOMK, before the database we don't use settings cache, so the override doesn't take effect until after the language selection (and database, etc) screen is displayed
[22:51:52] sphery: It would be nice to have the same default available for wide and square screens, though... so default is really default (rather than having 2 separate, different themes as defaults, depending on aspect)
[22:52:47] sphery: (after 0.25 is fine, but just saying for long term, I'd like to see any theme that's default available in square and narrow versions--or designed to squish well or whatever)
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