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Monday, January 30th, 2012, 01:00 UTC
[01:00:04] Seeker`: and is it possible to get a text area to display %TITLE% if there isn't a subtitle set, and %TITLE%:%SUBTITLE% if there is?
[01:21:58] Seeker`: worked out the title/subtitle thing. Still interested to know about the buttonlist thing.
[01:24:55] Captain_Murdoch: for the %TITLE%:%SUBTITLE% question, you want something like "%:|SUBTITLE% or it might be %SUBTITLE|:% I can't recall which. I think it's the former. grep for the pipe character in other theme .xml files for examples.
[01:25:24] Captain_Murdoch: there's a way to specify text that will appear only if the match evaluates to non-empty.
[02:04:50] Seeker`: Captain_Murdoch: It was %TITLE%%: |SUBTITLE%
[02:08:14] Captain_Murdoch: thought so. you didn't specify the space, so I didn't. :)
[02:09:44] Seeker`: :)
[02:12:11] Captain_Murdoch: originally my patch eons ago, and I had it as %SUBTITLE|: %, but it was later changed to be easier to follow
[02:14:22] Captain_Murdoch: you can also put a section after the keyword for text to appear after the substituted value,so you could prepend something. %"|SUBTITLE|"% and I think you still have the option of a fourth value that gets substituted if the match value is empty. %"|SUBTITLE|"|The Subtitle is Empty% I think that's still supported in the syntax.
[02:14:34] Captain_Murdoch: s/prepend/append/
[02:20:53] Seeker`: quite a few options then :)
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[18:07:18] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: I just happened to remember that mag0o had set up a github repo for Childish, before. We should probably check with him to see if he wants Childish in our "external" repository MythTV-Themes (to which we will provide commit/push privileges for authors/maintainers) or separate in , when we remove the myththemes repo.
[18:10:26] sphery: mag0o: this is referencing Captain_Murdoch's idea at
[18:14:11] Captain_Murdoch: I'm fine with either. I just want to see themes being maintained and if it's easier for users to contribute, then hopefully they'll stay more up to date.
[18:16:26] sphery: +1... I think mag0o was hoping to get help with Childish since he no longer has square screens for his kids' system, but as you know, my "theme teams" proposal didn't generate any volunteers
[18:16:52] Captain_Murdoch: and we can't make it a free-for-all.
[18:17:02] sphery: so he may prefer we just put it in MythTV-Themes... But this way, we've at least asked the author :)
[18:19:29] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, perhaps a goal for 0.25, get rid of myththemes. then for 0.26, maybe someone makes a new default and we move everything else out of mythtv repo. :)
[18:20:41] sphery: that sounds good... I have some ideas for starting a new "neutral" default theme (one that's unlikly to inspire awe--or hatred), and really should get a repo started and then guilt (or scare) people into helping with it.
[18:21:59] sphery: wonder if we could even move MythCenter* and Terra out of mythtv repo into MythTV-Themes, then use some kind of "sub repo" thing to pull in MythCenter and Terra
[18:24:40] Captain_Murdoch: if we want to package a theme, we can pull it into our zips from anywhere when we release.
[18:24:57] Captain_Murdoch: s/zips/tarballs/. 'package' meaning in the release tarballs
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