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Thursday, January 19th, 2012, 00:38 UTC
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[02:34:26] abqjp: Seeker`, what you are describing sounds like the expected behavior to me. With scrollstyle center, the selected button is going to be centered. With arrange fill, all the other buttons are going to be spread out to "fill" the available space. With only two buttons, what you are seeing would be the result. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, but you may want to play with arrange stack, instead.
[02:35:09] abqjp: Wait, the "selected" one is shows on the LHS of the screen?
[02:36:11] abqjp: Seeker`, a screenshot and a pastbin of your buttonlist definition would probably allow me to understand what is going on.
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[08:36:37] Seeker`: abqjp: correct, the currently selected item shows up on the LHS. I'm working atm, so can't grab a screenshot, but XML is here:
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[17:14:00] Seeker`: is jpabq- jpabq and abqjp yhe same person?
[17:14:40] jpabq: Yes
[17:15:09] Seeker`: jpabq: did you see my response?
[17:15:29] jpabq: Yeah. I have not had a chance to look at it, though.
[17:16:16] Seeker`: ok, i'll try to grab a screenshot when i get home, in thenext hour or so
[17:24:38] jpabq: Seeker`: Have you tried using spread instead of fill?
[18:30:16] Seeker`: jpabq: not that I recall. Here is the screenshot:
[18:31:57] Seeker`: I'll try spread in a minute
[18:50:27] Seeker`: jpabq: changed it to ' <arrange>spread</arrange>' and it does the same thing
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[19:20:16] jpabq: Seeker`: try <align>center</align>
[19:22:55] Seeker`: <align>center</align> just after the <arrange> tag does nothing to fic it
[19:22:58] Seeker`: *fix
[19:23:55] Seeker`: ah, sorry, with spread it works
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[19:25:25] Seeker`: jpabq: thanks!
[19:51:44] Seeker`: in the videos buttonlist, is there a state for the nodetype statetype that means 'found some media'
[19:56:59] Seeker`: I want to set images so that there is one icon for 'upfolder', another for 'subfolder', and then use either the coverart for the media, or a default icon if there isn't coverart
[20:11:54] Seeker`: or, alternatively, and equivalent of the 'default:' in a case statement
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[20:28:01] iamlindoro: give the coverart a filename
[20:28:13] iamlindoro: If there's no image to fill in, it'll use the one from your filename
[20:29:46] Seeker`: iamlindoro: I have done so (well, buttonimage anyway), however I want to override that image with either the 'subfolder' or 'upfolder' icon if appropriate for that button
[20:32:30] Seeker`: hmm, well not quite. I want the subfolder icon to display only if there isn't any metadata image associated with it
[20:35:14] Seeker`: so afaict, what I really want is to define the buttonimage widget inside the nodetype statetype so I could assign a different default for each, only I cant work out what to put / if there is a state that means 'a file to play'
[20:39:02] Seeker`: grr, apart from the fact that defining buttonimage from within the statetype doesn't work, it only displays t he fallback image
[20:40:36] Seeker`: iamlindoro: if that the expected behaviour? not fill in the correct coverart/screenshot if it is within a state
[20:42:43] Seeker`: that is the 'active' button state XML
[20:48:30] iamlindoro: Yes, that's the expected behavior
[20:50:04] Seeker`: why?
[20:57:33] iamlindoro: Because you haven't submitted any patches to make it do differently
[21:01:10] Seeker`: but was it a design decision to make it like that? or is it technically very difficult to do? or is it just the case that noone has thought to do it yet
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[21:38:19] Seeker`: any hints as to what needs to be done to get the buttonimage to display based on the nodetype statetype? Is it because it is a nested statetype?
[22:19:47] skd5aner: Seeker`: for the most part many of the functions with MythUI were added by someone who had a specific need/use case in mind. If new functions need to be added, or old ones supplimented, you'll need to probably do a bit of development work – basically, everything is designed "as-is", but doesn't include every example of a use case that may be needed
[22:20:07] skd5aner: so, when you ask if it was a "design decision" – the answer probably 99% of the time is yes :)
[22:20:36] Seeker`: skd5aner: I mean 'was it discussed and decided it shouldnt be implemented like that'
[22:20:49] skd5aner: was it designed to handle all situations – nope :)
[22:21:08] Seeker`: thats the 'noone has thought to do it yet' option :P
[22:22:10] skd5aner: Seeker`: most UI contributions were not discussed/debated in great detail – someone needed that particular functionality, and submitted the patch that way and it was committed. When that contradicts what someone else needs, then they typically submit a new patch to either add what the need or expand upon what already exists
[22:23:17] skd5aner: I guess what I'm saying is – there's probably very, very little (if any) behaviors in MythUI that aren't intended to be designed and implemented they way they currently are
[22:24:13] skd5aner: I've rarely seen anyone say "why'd you do it this way in MythUI" and a developer go "yea, you know... you're right... I did it wrong"
[22:24:23] skd5aner: s/rarely/never
[22:24:48] skd5aner: that said, I have seen people submit patches to change behavior for the better, and devs review the change and agree
[22:25:02] Seeker`: I've seen discussions that go 'someone should do this' and the response be 'no, that would be a bad idea, it has been discussed already'
[22:26:27] skd5aner: true... it never hurts to ask – but I would ask a little differently – such as "would it make sense for me to work on a patch that changes behavior x to behavior y" instead of "are you sure this code is supposed to do this? Did you think about the design before committing it"... see the difference?
[22:28:02] skd5aner: I think themers are given a lot of extra leeway in asking questions versus users or even 3'rd party developers simply because the MythTV community is really trying to encourage theme development and MythUI iteration and improvement... so don't be afraid to ask
[22:28:36] Seeker`: it was more of an 'have I understood what this code should do properly' and 'has anyone already vetoed this idea'
[22:28:56] skd5aner: fair enough – not criticizing, just commentating :)
[22:30:44] skd5aner: like I said – the people in the know want themers to succeed, and if slight tweaks and changes need to be made – feedback is welcome, but at the same time if it's a drastic change for current design – be prepared to submit that ideas/patches
[22:36:27] Seeker`: the main problem is that i don't know the codebase well enough to just go 'ah, thats where the fix goes'
[22:36:36] skd5aner: yea

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