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Friday, January 13th, 2012, 00:56 UTC
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[01:57:49] iamlindoro: No
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[02:49:31] abqjp: knightr, Are there any issues with themes caused by translations resulting in longer sentences than the themer anticipated? I am working on a theme, and was wondering if I should try to leave extra space to account for translations.
[04:45:55] knightr: abqjp, sorry for the delayed reply, I wasn't feeling too well so I slept a little... That frequently happens (that's especially true for my mother tongue (French)) either because the translated word is longer or because we can't use the same phrase structure as in English because it wouldn't be OK in the translated language but is perfectly acceptable in English...
[04:51:21] knightr:
[04:52:06] knightr: thank you for trying to take that into account by the way!!
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[06:04:57] abqjp: how do you bring up the language selection screen?
[07:27:57] wagnerrp: abqjp: --prompt
[08:20:06] abqjp: wagnerrp, do you ever sleep? Thanks :)
[08:20:28] wagnerrp: nope
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[09:41:44] toeb: what is a half-checked checkbox? And where can i see one?
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[20:38:13] stuartm:
[20:40:26] Captain_Murdoch: nice
[20:47:24] stuartm: question is whether it's nice enough to pursue, the basic style is simple enough to replicate through all screens but I'd need to test the waters, see if there's enough interest before I spend days/weeks producing a complete theme
[21:21:50] Seeker`: stuartm: that just a mockup?
[21:24:25] stuartm: yes, although it's all possible
[21:24:50] stuartm: mockup is easier to play around with
[21:25:25] Seeker`: was gonna ask for the XML to do the AVCHD thing :P
[21:25:30] Seeker`: looks nice
[21:26:25] stuartm: it's the video props statetype
[21:28:34] Seeker`: ah, cant find that on the wiki page
[21:35:51] Seeker`: stuartm: cant find a reference to anything like that in the videometadata.cpp file
[21:36:35] stuartm: because it's not in mythvideo, that's the recordings page
[21:37:09] stuartm: we could support it in mythvideo (as it was known) but we currently don't
[21:39:37] stuartm: we gather that metadata during recording but we'd have to implement something different for video
[21:41:49] Seeker`: when it is added I guess
[21:42:06] Seeker`: could you run the internal player until it has worked out the format / resolution etc.
[21:43:23] stuartm: yes, but it's not the most user friendly way to do it, we would probably opt for mythpreviewgen type app to grab the data
[23:11:29] skd5aner: stuartm: thanks for at least thinking about a new theme – at this point, I think everyone is thirsty for a new batch of themes that are fully functional
[23:16:19] skd5aner: stuartm: I saw you were asking for candid feedback, so my initial thoughts are 1) I like the coloring, 2)I like the general idea of the layout, but for some reason, it's not precicely obvious to me, at-a-glance, how to navigate to a specific series and see the recorings of that series.
[23:19:07] skd5aner: From a UX perspective, "40% free" although obvious to me, is a bit ambiguous. Might want to add "Recording space available" ahead of it, or something as a clarifier as to what you're referring to. Also, the box with two squares – does that mean stereo? Again, not directly obvious to me.
[23:19:10] Seeker`: skd5aner: use a different filter, I think
[23:19:25] skd5aner: all that said, not a lot to criticize – I'd love to see how (if) you take the mockup and build upon it :)
[23:27:42] skd5aner: Seeker`: what tools/processes are you using to do your themeing?
[23:27:43] skd5aner: Seeker`: I'm getting the bug – might have to give in and get started on one
[23:28:11] stuartm: skd5aner: that's just because I use category instead of title for grouping (I can't get along with title grouping, too many groups)
[23:29:14] skd5aner: stuartm: yea – I'm sure it's just because that's foreign to me, but for whatever reason my brain just got a little confused
[23:29:27] stuartm: skd5aner: so far as the recording space thing, I left that empty because I was trying to find a way of representing that with an icon (but I'll fallback to a text label if that doesn't work)
[23:30:33] stuartm: skd5aner: so group list is top right, whatever you currently see in your frontend will be there, although I'm not sure I've allowed enough space for long titles :(
[23:30:44] skd5aner: yea – gotcha
[23:31:32] stuartm: skd5aner: the stereo icon is the internationally recognised symbol for stereo, as found on the rear of DVD and Blu-ray boxes
[23:32:03] skd5aner: stuartm: I'd love to track your progress – I enjoy seeing someone create a theme and helping to provide feedback/perspective along the way (if desired)
[23:32:09] stuartm: I'll change that if it's not familiar enough to people
[23:32:29] skd5aner: stuartm: yea, maybe a better way to describe it, regardless of title vs category is that it wasn't distinctly obvious to me what the heirarchy that was currently selected is
[23:32:40] skd5aner: stuartm: yea, fair enough... I know that particular symbol is getting more popular now
[23:34:24] skd5aner: well, maybe not change it – and I'm sure you want to keep it clean by minimizing labels... not sure I would have a good suggestion without thinking about it some more
[23:34:51] stuartm: I actually forgot about the group menu until after I'd designed the recording list, that left me with no space except the top right, so I can see why you'd say that it was hard to relate the two
[23:35:57] stuartm: skd5aner: I've got some old audio icons I drew for previous themes/concepts, I could raid those instead of using the standard (but obscure) icons
[23:36:06] skd5aner: hey – I know I need to do a little preliminary research, but any advice for getting started on theming – I'm decent with photoshop and gimp, but what toolsets do you use to actually build the screen?
[23:37:05] skd5aner: (just advice in general for your theming workspace)
[23:38:23] stuartm: skd5aner: I work almost exclusively with Inkscape for design/drawing, being an SVG editor it makes it easy to resize things without losing detail and you can use the coordinate system when it comes to translate the design to the theme xml
[23:38:25] Seeker`: skd5aner: I'm pretty new to it, and not handy with photoshop / gimp. I just use pictures of the theme I'm trying to copy, and guesswork
[23:39:00] stuartm: in fact I know iamlindoro, justinh and others also swear by Inkscape
[23:40:03] Seeker`: skd5aner: I'm not convinced I'm good enough at it to do a full UI
[23:40:16] Seeker`: might just end up using my menu on top of arclight
[23:41:07] stuartm: everything you see in the image I posted earlier was done in Inkscape (well except the screenshots/fanart, obviously) – the little TV logo was something I drew for a much older concept –
[23:41:58] Seeker`: skd5aner: my lack of skill + the fact that a lot of what I want to do isn't possible with mythtv as it is today means that it is a bit of an uphill struggle
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[23:49:09] skd5aner: well, that was nice... couldn't reconnect forever :P
[23:50:05] Seeker`: last message in the channel was xx:42 ish
[23:50:38] skd5aner: yea, reading the logs
[23:50:58] stuartm: Inkscape which is great for composing a quick concept with very little work – every shape you draw is a layer, it can be moved around, behind or in front of other objects – there's no need to throw everything away and start again if you later decide that an early decision was wrong because anything can be changed (which is different to Gimp)
[23:51:29] skd5aner: stuartm, Seeker` : thanks, I haven't played with inkscape – I'll try it out. I've got to figure out how I want to set up a dev environment – never have had anything but the prod environment on my network
[23:52:22] skd5aner: My main desktop is a windows box, and I'd like to do dev on that, so I'm not sure if a VM would work well or some remote xsession type of solution – I really don't want to try and compile a mingw windows build :/
[23:53:04] Seeker`: don't need to be able to compile for just theme development
[23:53:07] stuartm: skd5aner: it's worth playing with, some of the really useful stuff has to be discovered, it's probably easier to use than Gimp but it works around different principles and reading a tutorial or two might be a good idea
[23:53:19] skd5aner: Seeker`: I want to develop against Master, not 0.24
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[23:54:37] stuartm: in some ways Inkscape is a lot like creating a collage
[23:56:32] Seeker`: skd5aner: It would be great to see someone with some skill attempt something like Aeon
[23:56:34] skd5aner: I think I get the gist... sounds like a fun tool to learn, need some new tools in my image manipulation toolbag
[23:57:12] skd5aner: Seeker`: I'm mediocre at best – but I've got good vision – it's litterally artistic skill of taking it out of my head and making it a reality that's generally the limiting factor
[23:57:35] Seeker`: mediocre is far better than me :P
[23:57:54] skd5aner: I see nothing wrong with what you're doing, porting open source themes...
[23:58:05] skd5aner: that has it's place too
[23:58:11] skd5aner: so long as you aren't calling it your own
[23:58:29] Seeker`: can't do it exactly though, which then requires decisions about what to do instead
[23:58:32] skd5aner: and I'm sure it's enough of a learning curve as it is without having to worry about creating something from scratch as well

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