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Thursday, January 12th, 2012, 00:06 UTC
[00:06:22] Seeker`: and is there any way to access the currently playing title in the osd_status window?
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[02:21:17] iamlindoro: You can add group widgets to multiple pages by putting the definition somewhere inheritable, base.xml and inheriting from it
[02:21:33] iamlindoro: <group name="blah" from="someotherblah" />
[02:21:46] iamlindoro: s/pages/windows/, we don't use pages
[02:21:49] Seeker`: thanks
[02:24:18] Seeker`: WRT information available in the OSD, 'name' returns 'position', 'jump chapter', etc. in OSD_Status
[02:24:34] iamlindoro: what would you expect it to return?
[02:25:39] Seeker`: perhaps the name of the currently playing file
[02:26:05] iamlindoro: We don't reference media by filename anywhere in the UI
[02:26:14] iamlindoro: unless you mean title, which is what we call it everywhere
[02:27:00] Seeker`: sorry, yes. I'm starting to get tired. in OSD_status, 'name' returns 'position' etc.
[02:27:04] Seeker`: gah
[02:27:10] Seeker`: 'title' returns 'position' etc.
[02:28:42] Seeker`: so in some parts of the OSD, title refers to the title of the currently playing item, and in others it refers to the name of the action etc.
[02:29:13] iamlindoro: yes
[02:29:33] iamlindoro: because it's not one giant window, it's multiple windows, each serving a distinct purpose
[02:31:30] Seeker`: they have a distinct purpose, but they aren't unrelated
[02:32:10] iamlindoro: Correct, they're not. But title doesn't always mean title of playing media
[02:33:43] iamlindoro: Anyway, it's just a philosophical conversation anyway-- if you want to make more information available in different windows you can submit a patch and I'm sure mark will consider it
[02:36:04] Seeker`: k, thanks
[02:36:53] Seeker`: skd5aner: you were asking what the recording/videos looked like; here is how far I got tonight.
[04:45:00] skd5aner: Seeker`: very nice – similiar to the idea in my head of how I'd want to theme the video window
[04:45:23] skd5aner: so – when (if) I ever do theme, don't think I'm ripping you off :)
[04:51:33] iamlindoro: Don't worry, he's reimplementing an XBMC skin anyway ;)
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[23:22:23] Seeker`: is there any way at all to determine whether a video is HD/Bluray/etc in mythvideo?

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