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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012, 00:47 UTC
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[00:51:50] Seeker`: woo
[00:51:59] Seeker`: I'm not completely useless after all :P
[01:31:52] skd5aner: I told you...
[01:31:56] skd5aner: you can't check the backlog?
[01:32:36] skd5aner: Seeker`:
[01:32:38] Seeker`: ah, didn't see logs in the topic
[01:32:44] Seeker`: skd5aner: sorry, and thanks
[01:32:51] skd5aner: heh – no problem :)
[01:32:59] skd5aner: btw – that looks nice
[01:33:16] skd5aner: What does the recordings/video section look like?
[01:34:06] Seeker`: not done that yet, tonight is my first night of theming :P I was basically trying to rip off
[01:34:26] Seeker`: took the textures from that theme
[01:35:32] skd5aner: are they creative commons/GPL?
[01:35:50] Seeker`: I'm not sure, I couldn't find anything definitive
[01:36:02] skd5aner: should be something packaged in the root if anything
[01:36:33] Seeker`: nothing
[01:40:10] Seeker`: skd5aner: there is another very similar (if not identical) copy of the images here: which claim to be a CC licence
[01:41:28] skd5aner: assuming they have the right to license (or re-license) the artwork, then I would use that as the base
[01:41:50] skd5aner: that said, I can already see some graphics that they obviously wouldn't have the right to do so with (i.e., Yoda)
[01:42:00] skd5aner: not that you'd leverage that particular graphic, but still
[01:46:03] Seeker`: skd5aner: with the -nox images (apart from the description bar). The background images might not be free, I just grabbed them for personal use
[01:48:22] Seeker`: skd5aner: I think I'm going to be frustrated by the limits of mythtv theming though. I really really want to be able to do seperate layouts for TV shows and films under Videos
[01:48:37] Seeker`: because they are logically different
[01:48:54] Seeker`: so I've gotta work out what layout i'll do that will cover them both nicely
[01:49:15] skd5aner: Yea, I haven't seen how that's changed for 0.25
[01:49:44] Seeker`: it hasn't afaik
[01:49:58] Seeker`: there is a Film/TV filter, which means that you can view the two seperately
[01:50:01] skd5aner: Well, mythvideo has been integrated into core instead of a seperate plugin
[01:50:12] Seeker`: but afaik there isn't a way to assign a different view to each
[01:50:24] skd5aner: because before, they were seperate, and you could theme mythvideo a lot differently than you could for recordings – and that may still be the case
[01:50:37] skd5aner: ]oh – I re-read what yo usaid
[01:50:53] skd5aner: portraying videos vs tv shows within videos
[01:51:02] skd5aner: er, movies vs tv shows
[01:51:08] skd5aner: yea – that's probably the same
[01:52:31] Seeker`: yes
[01:52:54] Seeker`: I don't know if there is a way of defining custom menu options that would launch certain views
[01:53:13] Seeker`: there is quite a bit of information that isn't entirely obvious
[01:58:26] Seeker`: skd5aner: any idea if that is possible?
[01:58:50] skd5aner: sorry – don't know (not really a themer)
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[23:37:19] Seeker`: on the wiki it says that you can add group widgits to multiple pages but it doesn't say how
[23:37:24] Seeker`: any clues how to do it?

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