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Monday, August 29th, 2011, 03:00 UTC
[03:00:04] k-man: is there any kind of aim for a release of .25? I only ask as I would like to have my theme ready to release with or around the release of .25 but I want to know if we are talking weeks/months or years
[03:17:07] iamlindoro: Months
[03:17:39] iamlindoro: Have you begin to work on a theme of your own now?
[03:17:42] iamlindoro: er begun
[03:35:57] k-man: err... no
[03:36:17] iamlindoro: ah
[03:36:22] k-man: still hacking mythcenter but somehow my goal posts changed from "fix a few annoyances" to complete overhaul
[03:36:25] iamlindoro: the way you put it, I assumed you had started something new
[03:36:39] k-man: oh sorry – didn;t mean to sound like that
[03:37:01] iamlindoro: no worries, just misunderstood
[03:37:15] k-man: I suspect as I dig further into it there may come a time that I think  – ok, time to start from scratch
[03:37:39] k-man: but at the moment I'm finding modifying it is going ok
[03:39:36] k-man: I'm also attempting to use a templating engine to generate it, so that I can generate a wide theme or SD theme from it
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[05:56:43] k-man: justinh, . . . 4-48.449.png
[05:57:03] k-man: I think I'm going to have to make all the buttons/selectors and spin boxes the same width
[05:57:16] k-man: its difficult making things look "nice" when they are all over the place
[06:57:36] k-man: is there some way to hide the scroll buttons on a buttonlist if the list does not need to scroll?
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