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Thursday, August 25th, 2011, 00:21 UTC
[00:21:26] k-man: justinh, I tried to get nx going but failed
[00:21:46] k-man: did you use freenx or the official nx clients and servers?
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[06:16:19] justinh: freenx :)
[06:21:12] k-man: ill try it out when I get home
[06:24:38] justinh: ha I'm not surprised the basespinbox didn't have a background shape when I'd set the area to 0,100%,100% so many moons ago
[06:35:18] k-man: justinh, what's this schedulefilter thing I see?
[06:37:24] k-man: I put the button in the scheduleeditor but when I select it nothing happens
[06:37:39] justinh: erm...
[06:38:25] k-man: and schedulefiltereditor is already in mythcenter
[06:38:41] justinh: don't really care about it TBH
[06:38:46] k-man: err.. In the schedule-ui
[06:38:58] justinh: I do wish people wouldn't keep bolting stuff on. Stuff I don't want in a million years
[06:39:12] k-man: hehe
[06:39:40] k-man: ok, button comes back out then
[06:39:42] justinh: the majority of the scheduling stuff most of us do is.. record stuff. not on the 3rd wednesday when the moon is in ascension except when it's a bin day
[06:39:50] k-man: no idea how to get to the window in question
[06:40:01] justinh: try mythcenter then :)
[06:40:25] justinh: I mean how much simpler would mythtv be to maintain if all the esoteric guff was removed?
[06:40:33] justinh: (and use!)
[06:42:22] k-man: ah, I found it
[06:42:32] k-man: I think I was looking in the wrong place for it – there is a button there already
[06:43:05] justinh: it's not in -fixes then. GOOD
[06:43:57] justinh: whoever keeps adding all this granularity hasn't studied UI design IMHO
[06:44:16] justinh: I'm going off on one today
[06:44:44] justinh: k-man: so what's this thing *for* anyway?
[06:44:59] justinh: the commit message doesn't exactly make it clear
[06:45:11] justinh: filtering schedules... for what purpose?
[06:45:42] k-man: new episodes, identifiable episodes, fist showing, primetime, commercial free, HD
[06:46:13] justinh: sigh
[06:46:28] k-man: :)
[06:46:38] justinh: what about bin day?
[06:46:59] justinh: sometimes I hate open source
[06:47:38] k-man: justinh, hang on, I'm just adding bin day now!
[06:47:43] k-man: hehe
[06:48:24] justinh: mind, it's probably more that I feel ambivolent because tv_grab_uk_rt doesn't seem to reliably list things the way SD data does
[06:48:40] k-man: justinh, oh
[06:49:06] k-man: justinh, someone should write some grabbers for the UK using shehperd
[06:49:11] justinh: no
[06:49:19] justinh: we're not having a scraper again
[06:49:35] justinh: your EPG data is only ever as good as the source
[06:49:49] justinh: and if the source isn't reliably listing something as NEW it won't show as NEW :)
[06:50:20] justinh: anyway.. I can already see they missed off audiodescribed, signed, in-vision subtitles...
[06:50:34] justinh: if you're gonna do stuff like that put the kitchen sink in
[06:53:57] justinh: and now, to tackle the artwork chooser popup
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[06:57:39] justinh: ok. where is the artwork chooser popup?
[06:58:56] justinh: got it :)
[07:03:28] justinh: oh no I don't
[07:13:19] k-man: hmm... I wonder how I can make a checkbox that uses no images
[07:14:40] justinh: you can't, really :)
[07:14:41] k-man: justinh, any ideas?
[07:14:44] k-man: damn!
[07:15:02] justinh: well you could... but erm...
[07:15:40] justinh: a lined square.. border 1 or 2 px.. then inside it either nothing (empty) or another square in the centre
[07:15:45] justinh: filled.. :)
[07:15:57] k-man: yeah
[07:16:03] k-man: I think it might not look too good
[07:16:05] justinh: I guess that would work, but I'll leave it to you to try it
[07:16:17] k-man: thanks :)
[07:16:18] justinh: would need to be opaque of course
[07:16:21] k-man: anyway gtg
[07:16:31] justinh: have fun
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