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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011, 01:52 UTC
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[04:20:33] k-man: I was looking forward to an afternoon of hacking on the theme while my son sleeps. but my wife sneakily took my laptop to a meeting while I was out!
[04:20:40] k-man: I'm going to have to lock it down
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[07:35:05] justinh: arghhh what?! Doing away with little textareas in the manage view of mythvideo, rendered down to one line... and I've removed year, rating etc textareas in the XML but they're still appearing?!
[07:39:30] justinh: hahahah. A-HAHAHAHAHAHA. Need coffee. I hadn't saved the XML
[12:27:19] mag0o: lol
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[15:15:24] stuartm: I forgot to mention in the commit that following some themes may need updating
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