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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011, 01:51 UTC
[01:51:56] k-man: in this screenshot: . . . 7-52.790.png
[01:53:20] k-man: you can see that there is some box around each button widget that is way too big. It comes from the area of a widgetshape that is defined as having an area of 0,0,100%,100% I'm just wondering if it is declared incorrectly or its fine and just shows up like that when borders are turned on?
[01:53:26] k-man: see xml here:
[03:27:50] k-man: where are things like %TITLE% in themes documented?
[03:29:02] k-man: like what is %SUBTITLE% is it a sub-title or something to do with subtitles?
[03:32:14] k-man: justinh, oh – it's not quite a museum, but there are some good screenshots here:
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[06:29:47] justinh: k-man: there's a list of commonly used stuff somewhere
[06:31:39] justinh: aha! . . . most_windows
[06:34:02] justinh: k-man: looks like that box around the buttons is just showing you the button boundaries
[06:34:15] k-man: thanks
[06:34:59] k-man: justinh, I noticed that box is tied to the <area>0,0,100%,100%</area> specificaly the 100% bits
[06:35:19] justinh: 100% will just be 100% of the parent area though
[06:35:23] k-man: if I make it 10 rather than 100% the box is sized normaly
[06:35:30] k-man: oh I see
[06:37:26] justinh: so, say you had a statetype name="buttonitem" with <area>0,0,100,100</area> with the shape called up in active, selectedactive or whatever state, the shape size would be 100,100. I think that's how it works
[06:38:10] justinh: meh I've had a reconsider. I'm gonna open a ticket or 2
[06:38:30] k-man: reconsider on what?
[06:38:45] justinh: just some issues I've run into
[06:48:27] ** justinh ponders **
[06:55:07] k-man: . . . 4-39.558.png
[06:55:17] k-man: I'm pretty happy with it now
[06:55:24] k-man: theres probably a few more tweaks to make
[06:55:38] k-man: but its got a lot more room for program info now
[06:56:41] justinh: aye :-)
[06:56:49] justinh: looking good
[06:57:28] k-man: the channel and air time are not distinct enough
[06:57:39] k-man: I think I might try changing the font colour slightly
[06:58:05] k-man: how did you make your clock have the day/date/time?
[07:01:30] k-man: gtg, talk later
[07:01:32] justinh: I don't think you've got the room ;-)
[07:02:51] justinh: stuartm: did anybody ever do conditional template stuff – e.g. if a field isn't populated don't display preceding text?
[07:03:03] justinh: (for multi field areas)
[07:06:02] justinh: I'm trying to use the director textarea for <template>%DIRECTOR% %YEAR% Rated: %RATING</template> & just discovered that using the 'rating' title for the textarea results in no template output
[07:09:37] justinh: if !(m_templatecontenttext) clip to next space character... or something
[07:10:00] justinh: man, I *REALLY* need to start coding again
[07:10:55] justinh: see that template idea I just mentioned works great where there's data to show, but where there ain't – i.e. in the gallery view & we're looking at folders... hnngggggggggg
[07:11:09] justinh: you just see a bunch of spaced & Rated: sitting there
[07:14:56] justinh: see if I can understand how the code works
[07:18:42] justinh: arghh github.. I HATE YOU
[07:19:20] justinh: I can see "Fix the regexp used for variable substitution with templates in themes. This produces the originally intended behaviour allowing multiple character conditional strings to be appended/prepended to the text" which looks like it'd do what I want but...
[07:23:45] justinh: ahh the multiline character conditional strings only seen to work when there's just one element – the single variable
[07:24:22] justinh: what is it with me wanting *jam* on everything all the time these days?
[07:37:53] justinh: god, github even sucks for browsing the source code
[07:45:59] justinh: ahh. I was doing it wrong!
[07:46:20] justinh: <textarea name="director" from="basetextarea"><template>%DIRECTOR% %YEAR% %RATING%</template> will do
[07:46:32] justinh: so if there's no director you won't see any of the rest
[08:09:54] justinh: but if anybody wants <template>%DIRECTOR%, in %YEAR%, rated %RATING%<template> to not show extra unwanted text there's some more work to do
[08:10:10] justinh: might not be hard but regex were never my strong suit
[08:12:42] justinh: like what does "%(([^\\|%]+)?\\||\\|(.))?(\\w+)(\\|(.+))?%" do ?
[09:10:18] stuartm: justinh: anything between % and | is appended to the start of the string, between | and % to the end but only if that string is not empty
[09:12:42] stuartm: so %"|TITLE|"% would produce "Crimewatch", %Title: |TITLE%; == Title: Crimewatch etc
[09:14:20] stuartm: justinh: in your example you want – <template>%DIRECTOR%%, in |YEAR%%, rated |RATING%<template>
[09:20:58] k-man: stuartm, is that documented in the wiki somewhere?
[09:22:54] stuartm: I thought it was, under the textarea documentation but I could be wrong
[09:23:05] k-man: let me check
[09:24:23] justinh: ahh
[09:24:38] k-man: do you know if it is in .24-fixes?
[09:25:05] justinh: see I thought I could remember this being discussed, but it would've been so long ago it was hazy
[09:27:43] justinh: k-man: it is :)
[09:28:24] justinh: stuartm: thankyou very much :-)
[09:29:44] justinh: I never did like all those separately labelled textareas
[09:31:18] justinh: see up to now I thought the % thing was to name the variable
[09:31:35] justinh: didn't realise it was part of the regex stuff
[09:32:20] justinh: wiki says "Template is preferable to using the <value> element when displaying variables. When a screen is loaded, the value element is displayed first, then replaced with template when the variable data is available. This can be values which exist in a map (such as most Program Info like %TITLE%, %SUBTITLE%, etc) but it can also be any named text area where you wish to put the inserted value in a textual context,
[09:32:21] stuartm: it was always that way, pre-mythui, but there it wasn't used much except to put quotes around subtitles etc
[09:32:44] stuartm: it might be more useful now ..
[09:32:52] justinh: *way* more useful now :)
[09:32:58] justinh: sweet joys
[09:33:39] k-man: justinh, I don't get it, what's it useful for?
[09:45:04] justinh: doing away with all the piddly little textareas like ratinglabel dirlabel, labellabel
[09:45:31] justinh: and all the piddly little textareas containing piddly little things. like rating, userrating etc
[09:45:44] justinh: just put them in one textarea now :)
[09:46:39] justinh: nothing used to piss me off more than area="FOOlabel" then area="foo" then area="foo2label" then area="foo2" then "yetmorefoolabel" followed by "yetmorefoo"
[09:47:01] justinh: now I can wipe them all out as much as possible :)
[09:47:27] justinh: especially where the thing being displayed is only one or 2 (useful to know) characters
[09:48:02] k-man: right
[09:49:00] stuartm: k-man: using justinh's example, if there was now year it could look like "Steven Spielberg, in year , rating 10" but using the stuff above it would work properly even when a variable is empty – "Steven Spielberg, rating 10"
[09:49:19] k-man: right
[09:49:32] stuartm: s/now/no/
[09:49:40] ** stuartm needs coffee **
[09:49:41] k-man: thankjs
[09:50:18] justinh: we need this in the wiki. I'll put it there when I figure out how to say it. I need coffee too
[09:51:04] stuartm: so you could say "The film Saving Private Ryan was directed by Steven Spielberg, released in 1997" or something
[09:52:22] stuartm: but it needs to be cleverer than that, otherwise with no director or year info it becomes "The film Saving Private Ryan was" ....
[09:52:49] stuartm: ok, so it's best kept simple ;)
[09:55:18] justinh: it's clever enough to do what I want for now :)
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[19:09:13] justinh: arghhh help!
[19:10:02] justinh: oh wait..
[19:10:04] justinh: belay that
[19:10:48] justinh: haha. nevermind. couldn't get my program finder times list to centre & scrollcentre
[19:49:37] justinh: heh when was showarrow deprecated?
[19:51:22] justinh: oh. it wasn't, it seems. so why are these arrows showing?
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[19:55:49] justinh: ah
[20:00:13] stuartm: showarrow was deprecated iirc
[20:00:56] stuartm: it was redundant, if you didn't want the arrows displayed in a theme you can just omit them
[20:01:54] stuartm: but in most cases they are there to indicate a submenu (or similar) and they are best included in the theme as an aid to navigation
[20:03:11] justinh: yeah well there are enough times I don't want em & enough times it's used so I made a new buttonlist without :)
[20:04:03] justinh: in 0.24 the xml is parsed for showarrow, so maybe not deprecated here
[20:07:32] justinh: anyway.. I'm ready. got a shiny new buttonlist
[20:11:01] stuartm: heh, itv have started blocking you watching video on their site if you are blocking the adverts shown on the page
[20:11:34] stuartm: (and no, I wasn't actually there to watch anything, just wondering why they are filling prime time slots with repeats)
[20:12:03] mag0o: sounds like
[20:12:14] mag0o: they block the kids games if you block ads
[20:13:44] stuartm: it's a bit pathetic, I wouldn't be blocking the ads if I were interested in them and since I'm not interested, what do they lose?
[20:14:10] mag0o: page impressions?
[20:15:01] stuartm: I can't be absolutely certain, but I don't think I've ever bought anything as a result of seeing an advert
[20:15:27] stuartm: I've never clicked through on a web ad
[20:18:15] justinh: don't they have ads you can't skip in the video too? Mind, they do need the income
[20:19:07] justinh: gah... how many popups? lol.. well this is kinda what I wanted a long time ago, to banish all the icky qt crap.. now I got my wish.. and more work ;-)
[20:20:20] justinh: I think now that I'm more or less happy with the general look/feel things'll go smoothly .. and I'm going back in & changing existing stuff to inherit more so there'll be less work should I change my mind
[20:20:44] justinh: reckon any theming team effort would need an editor to collate all that kind of stuff
[20:21:27] mag0o: yup
[21:18:00] justinh: hmmm. how do I get the timepopup up?
[21:20:40] justinh: as in schedule-ui timepopup
[21:25:24] stuartm: search list, by time iirc
[21:26:30] stuartm: which is incidentally the search list I want to get rid of since it performs the same function as the guide grid but in a much less efficient and slower way
[21:26:50] justinh: tried that. it's not popping a popup up
[21:26:53] stuartm: justinh: once in that screen, Menu > Chose Search Phase
[21:27:00] stuartm: Phrase
[21:27:11] justinh: ah
[21:27:19] stuartm: which is mis-leading since we're not searching using a phrase but a time
[21:27:25] stuartm: yet another reason to lose it
[21:27:38] justinh: and another reason... the 'Phrase' text seems hard-coded
[21:28:08] justinh: holy poop... must this search take so long?
[21:29:06] justinh: meh just can it already. I hate it :)
[21:29:45] justinh: there don't even have to be so many different search screens anyway. just have a couple.. or just one.. and search by X
[21:31:58] justinh: god, who wanted *this* as a feature?
[21:32:59] justinh: any chance, when you do the hw profiling, to also collect usage reports for screens? ;-)
[21:33:25] justinh: then say "look dude, you're the only person using this thing.. we're sick of maintaining it"
[21:34:40] justinh: well at least I don't have to reload the whole screen to see changes. phew
[21:36:29] justinh: oh jesus.. so when you select a time using the search 'phrase' it goes off & does the search again? arghh
[21:37:15] stuartm: justinh: like I said, it's slated for removal, in 0.25 if I can find the time to implement a time search option in the guide grid
[21:37:38] justinh: you got my full backing for that
[21:38:02] justinh: something like a jump to time feature was always on my to-do list
[21:38:12] justinh: along with a calendar widget
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