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Monday, August 22nd, 2011, 00:05 UTC
[00:05:56] k-man: thanks stuartm and mag0o
[00:06:18] k-man: I looked at that article before mag0o but felt a little faint after reading it
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[06:41:44] k-man: justinh, . . . 1-16.767.png
[06:41:52] k-man: see how I put a clock in the top right?
[06:42:17] k-man: I want more room for the descrption, so think I'll make the dark blue box bigger and closer to the top
[06:42:36] k-man: do you think it would be confusing to put the clock inside the blue box?
[06:42:41] justinh: yes
[06:42:52] justinh: FWIW I'd do away with container boxes
[06:43:00] k-man: hmm...
[06:43:06] k-man: I thought about that
[06:43:27] justinh: of keep em, but use them to *contain* things :)
[06:43:45] k-man: err... it does contain something
[06:44:17] justinh: consider using a template for title & subtitle on the top line
[06:44:30] justinh: then you gain an extra line for the description for free (almost)
[06:44:42] justinh: there aren't many cases where a title is too long
[06:44:45] k-man: yes, thats a good idea
[06:44:59] justinh: and where there are, sod it.. why solve for 1% of cases?
[06:45:00] k-man: but where will my clock go
[06:45:23] k-man: I might put it in the bottom left or right
[06:45:33] justinh: hmmm
[06:45:44] k-man: I'm thinking of oving the save/cancel buttons to be next to each other rather than on seperate sides of the screen
[06:46:01] justinh: see you've not left aligned the title & description either. that's another waste of space
[06:46:23] k-man: one of my goals is to have the clock on most screens
[06:46:27] k-man: justinh, oh, I will do eventually
[06:46:30] k-man: just haven't got there yet
[06:47:25] justinh: here's a tip for ya
[06:47:27] k-man: I think there is still something wrong with my theme code – check out . . . 7-07.261.png
[06:47:37] k-man: see how the buttons have a very big border on them?
[06:47:43] justinh: you want a consistent look throughout the whole theme, right?
[06:47:55] justinh: use the same style throughout
[06:48:28] justinh: find one style which works well on one screen & carry it through (by that I mean copy&paste placements & everything) to everything else that uses the same information
[06:48:39] justinh: so fix one screen, you've essentially fixed them all
[06:49:09] justinh: even if it means playing with one screen for hours experimenting :)
[06:49:37] justinh: I took the video details window apart last night & toyed with all kinds of layouts
[06:51:06] k-man: thats what I'm more or less doing
[06:51:07] justinh: here's where I'm at right now with it. Seems the 'Done' button needs to have an outline
[06:51:12] justinh:
[06:52:36] justinh: k-man: looks like your buttonlist is too long :)
[06:53:11] k-man: nice screen
[06:53:24] k-man: currently, I'm just focusing on the schedule screen
[06:53:28] k-man: I want to get that right
[06:53:34] k-man: its a very important screen
[06:53:51] justinh: the kerning is totally screwed up with that font
[06:54:06] justinh: look at the capital 'm' of the title
[06:54:20] justinh: and the 'i' in 'Mundial'
[06:54:24] k-man: on yeah
[06:54:29] k-man: s/on/oh
[06:54:38] justinh: good god.. and in the buttons.. the 'S'
[06:54:38] k-man: grr...
[06:54:47] justinh: what font is that?
[06:54:52] k-man: S c
[06:54:58] k-man: your font!
[06:55:09] k-man: CartoGothic
[06:55:17] justinh: doesn't look like ass here#
[06:55:27] justinh: is that when it's running on a mac?
[06:56:40] k-man: thats on my linux box
[06:57:19] k-man: I didn't notice how bad the kerning was before – now I can't help see it!
[06:58:52] justinh: hahahaha
[06:59:24] justinh: right.. this is what I've done to get around the icky problem of having bounding boxes around everything and having a 'safe' area
[06:59:28] justinh:
[06:59:48] k-man: super wide buttons?
[06:59:50] justinh: the details are at the bottom, but details are at the bottom in every screen where there are details of stuff
[07:00:23] justinh: yeah. super wide buttons
[07:00:24] k-man: yes, looks very nice
[07:01:04] justinh: see, when you've not got much space to work with you need to maximise the space available to you
[07:01:17] k-man: I've been tempted to make the container more like a strip as you have done also
[07:01:39] justinh: having a bounding box realistically means that the outside of the box has to have space around it, and the contents have to be spaced apart from the box boundaries too
[07:01:55] justinh: it's all a waste where you don't really have the luxury of affording it
[07:02:15] k-man: yes, agreed
[07:02:33] justinh: I didn't really like having super-wide buttons but the alternative – skinnier buttons sitting in a big fat space...
[07:03:00] k-man: yes, its hard to know what to do
[07:03:09] k-man: super wide is good in that it works for everything
[07:03:15] justinh: try different things, see what works for *you* :)
[07:03:31] justinh: it's spooky how much this is ending up looking like the Sky+ UI
[07:03:43] justinh: definitely not intentional
[07:05:03] justinh: mind, a hell of a lot of people like that UI, and it seems they spent a lot of time & money researching & developing it
[07:05:32] justinh: though why they ever decided to put recorded stuff in the 'planner view' I'll never figure out
[07:05:38] k-man: I haven't seen it
[07:05:45] justinh: just doesn't ring with my logic, that
[07:07:43] justinh: . . . rd-event.jpg
[07:07:50] justinh: hahahaha maybe not then
[07:08:43] justinh: and bleugh . . . -lg1.jpg.png
[07:10:44] justinh:
[07:10:59] justinh: so er.. no... maybe just a *hint* of Sky+ in my theme now. Phew
[07:11:03] k-man: I wonder if there is a PVR ui mueseum
[07:12:18] justinh: dunno, but SageTV's UI looks like it should be in a museum
[07:12:26] justinh: with Sky's
[07:12:45] justinh: and VDR's
[07:13:03] justinh: infact all the other PVR UIs except maybe MediaPortal
[07:16:29] justinh: good god mediaportal promo video guys – give the motion graphics a rest! Show us the UI, now your AfterEffects chops
[07:17:56] k-man: what is mediaportal?
[07:19:09] k-man: oh, I see whre MythCenter's green buttons came from now :)
[07:19:27] justinh: MCE
[07:21:27] k-man: ah, I see
[07:21:48] k-man: I'm hopelessly ignorant about windowsy PVR software
[07:22:51] justinh: know thine enemy ;-)
[07:23:29] justinh: or thy enemy, even
[07:25:17] ** justinh suddenly remembers all this theming stuff is really GreyFoxx's fault **
[07:25:34] k-man: why?
[07:25:48] justinh: if it wasn't for him showing me a screenshot of an XBMC skin port to one bit of mythvideo.....
[07:26:41] k-man: oh right
[07:27:19] justinh: arghhH! What is this abomination? . . . 20Window.png
[07:27:39] justinh: is that seriously still the default mythmusic theme screen? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW
[07:28:32] justinh: I'm not even gonna go there
[07:30:11] k-man:
[07:30:15] k-man: have you seen this?
[07:30:18] k-man: that
[07:32:35] justinh: looks like they nicked a load of open source DVR code from somewhere
[07:33:03] k-man: no,
[07:33:07] justinh: crappy promo video again too.
[07:33:13] justinh: not enough UI views
[07:33:22] k-man: I think its the standard device ui, but they provide a good data feed for the guide data
[07:33:30] k-man: which is hard to come by in Aus.
[07:33:30] justinh: lovely looking web interface though
[07:33:34] justinh: so they pay for it
[07:33:42] justinh: er.. YOU pay for it
[07:33:45] k-man: I believe so
[07:34:10] k-man: I think they actually collate the data manually themselves, but you pay for the feed
[07:35:44] k-man: they have a live chat
[07:35:52] k-man: its hard to get useful info from them though
[07:36:01] k-man: I think I'm goign to get it for my mum
[07:36:05] k-man: who wants mythtv
[07:39:05] justinh: heh
[07:39:24] justinh: when my parents come I let my dad loose on myth & he always manages to crash it horribly somehow
[07:39:34] k-man: so apparantly the PVRs have some feature in them where they poll a remote website which has a list of shows the user wants to record
[07:39:46] justinh: we obviously don't do that much heavy button mashing testing during playback
[07:40:01] justinh: k-man: for your convenience!
[07:40:03] k-man: so you go to icetv and mark shows you want to record on there, then the pvr gets that list and records it
[07:40:09] justinh: Sky do that
[07:40:20] k-man: justinh, yeah – well, its convenient for my mum
[07:40:27] k-man: it also lets you remote schedule using an iphone app
[07:40:29] k-man: not a bad ide
[07:40:30] justinh: good for collecting data too
[07:40:31] k-man: a
[07:40:36] justinh: Sky also do that
[07:40:49] k-man: right
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[07:41:20] justinh: the problem with 'people' is that they just want to watch TV
[07:41:25] k-man: yeah
[07:41:43] k-man: channel surfing
[07:41:44] justinh: btw hacks to enable remote web recording have been available for the likes of the topfield PVR for a long time now
[07:41:57] k-man: yeah I know
[07:42:08] justinh: or the 'toppy' as people sickeningly call it
[07:42:19] justinh: I bought one. took it back within a day
[07:42:26] justinh: it was FRICKEN AWFUL
[07:42:27] k-man: my cousin has a topfield in the UK – and apparantly there are hacks where you repurpose a WRT54GL (or similar) router to control it
[07:43:07] justinh: there was a point where mythtv had been a bit naughty & I couldn't take anymore, so I went out & bought a standalone box
[07:43:18] justinh: ended up with the Topfield, which went back in hours...
[07:43:36] justinh: then had another one from Humax.. near top of the range. that went back even quicker
[07:44:28] justinh: even neglecting the fact they don't do networked video playback, music listening, picture viewing or trick playback features THEY SUCK
[07:44:41] justinh: they are basically, little more than a VCR
[07:45:56] justinh: whee mythvideo list view:
[07:49:56] k-man: anyway, gtg
[07:49:58] k-man: ttyl
[07:50:01] justinh: yup
[07:50:37] k-man: nice – but imho, I think its hard to read with the image background
[07:58:17] justinh: if you think *that* is hard to read you wannt try mythbuntu. sheesh ;-)
[07:58:27] justinh: I have half as much transparency
[08:08:21] justinh: or not.. looks like they fixed it
[08:09:13] justinh: still, one line to change to fix it all :-)
[08:11:01] justinh: changed from an alpha of 150 to 180.. big difference
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[13:13:20] k-man: justinh, I just tried making the bounding box a strip, much like you have done in your theme
[13:13:26] k-man: I think it looks very smart
[13:13:40] k-man: much improved over the bounding box look
[13:14:45] justinh: heh
[13:15:03] justinh: now see you're making a departure from mythcenter proper. :-D
[13:15:37] justinh: but FWIW I don't think any of the most popular themes in recent years have used bounding boxes like that
[13:16:14] k-man: justinh, yeah
[13:16:19] k-man: its a good move
[13:16:35] k-man: bad for my initial goal of making the least changes possible
[13:17:05] k-man: . . . .33%20PM.png
[13:19:56] k-man: anyway, off to bed, night
[13:27:31] justinh: IMHO it doesn't matter how many changes you make. it takes as long as it takes
[13:27:50] justinh: see, that looks *miles* better
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[13:34:09] simonckenyon: justinh: that second screenshot is very nice
[13:35:56] justinh: which one?
[15:08:27] simonckenyon: . . . .33%20PM.png
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[18:41:26] justinh: simonckenyon: ahh. k-man is doing that one not me :-) But I think that doing away with bounding containers like the old screen had is the way forward where there's little screen space already
[18:42:11] justinh: k-man: btw on that shot the kerning doesn't look messed up at all
[18:42:40] justinh: and I dunno if it's just me, but the really subtle effect the alpha of the buttons etc has on top of the background is lovely
[18:43:10] justinh: somehow it just looks more friendly
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[23:16:18] k-man: justinh, yeah, that was from my mac
[23:18:09] k-man: I agree, amazing how much better it looks

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