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Sunday, August 21st, 2011, 01:28 UTC
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[03:36:06] k-man: stuartm, so what's your advice? should use groups at the moment? or wait until they are updated?
[04:29:57] k-man: do you guys run master on your live systems?
[04:30:23] k-man: I am finding it hard to work on this theme without master, but I'm running .24-fixes at home
[04:31:39] k-man: I'm worried to upgrade the mission critical system to master
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[11:53:11] stuartm: k-man: I use my development master fe/be daily, more than my 'production' 0.24-fixes machine, it's pretty much become my de-facto main system
[17:19:16] mag0o: k-man:
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