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Saturday, August 20th, 2011, 03:53 UTC
[03:53:07] k-man: where is the setting for the directory to save screen shots?
[03:54:01] k-man: oh, nm, found it
[04:23:14] k-man: is there a way to include a text area inside a shape widget? so the text area is relative to the shape widget?
[04:24:03] iamlindoro: Why not just use a group widget?
[04:24:44] iamlindoro: <group name="mygroup"><position>100,200</position>Insert widgets here</group>
[04:24:52] iamlindoro: then everything will be relative to the starting point of the group
[04:25:01] k-man: iamlindoro, ah, I see
[04:27:28] k-man: ah, but its not available in .24-fixes?
[04:28:54] iamlindoro: groups are available in all MythUI versions of Myth
[04:29:10] iamlindoro: at least, I think they are
[04:29:49] k-man: oh, in the doco it says "NEW in 0.25-pre.
[04:29:52] k-man: "
[04:31:05] iamlindoro: Well, easy enough to test, though I recall that statetypes are a specialized widget based on group, so they've always existed in some form
[04:31:25] iamlindoro: I know some bugs in the group widget got worked out in master, but I was pretty sure the group itself has always worked
[04:31:59] k-man: ok, ill try it out thanks
[04:51:47] k-man: oh, in the doco it says "NEW in 0.25-pre.
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[07:53:31] stuartm: groups didn't fulfill their potential in 0.24, you can't place named widgets within a group, but groups consisting of you own widgets, e.g. images/shapes/static text works just fine
[11:03:21] k-man: stuartm, is that changing in .25?
[12:54:36] stuartm: k-man: should be
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