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Friday, August 19th, 2011, 05:58 UTC
[05:58:30] k-man: god, I am almost getting the hang of this theming business
[05:59:22] k-man: . . . 9-10.269.png
[05:59:37] k-man: I'm working on making the buttons and selectors shapes rather than images
[05:59:47] k-man: and unifying the look of them
[05:59:53] k-man: I think it looks quite nice too
[06:00:08] k-man: still have some alignment issues though
[06:50:27] justinh: looking better :-)
[07:07:20] justinh: you know what, there's more than enough room on the program recpriority screen for an icon help panel
[07:07:24] ** justinh makes it so **
[07:07:39] justinh: because I never know what all the icons mean either
[07:40:09] justinh: :-)
[07:40:28] justinh: this is all ending up looking very Sky plus-ish. Not sure about that. Heh
[07:43:44] justinh: starting to reach a point where I'd ordinarily be thinking about releasing it
[07:44:08] justinh: pretty much got all the major screens done, but I need to tackle MNV next
[07:44:21] justinh: oh and the metadata search results list of course
[07:50:15] justinh: k-man btw that's also a good example what can go wrong with scaling & alignment. that's run with -geometry 1200x675 – still a 16:9 ratio but look at what happened to the arrows
[07:50:58] k-man: yeah interesting
[07:51:17] justinh: the 5px button spacing becomes 675/720 * 5 & rounded (down IIRC)
[07:51:54] k-man: right
[07:51:58] justinh: course you can avoid that by not having button spacing
[07:52:25] k-man: anyway
[07:52:25] justinh: which when we talked about this yesterday wasn't at the front of my mind
[07:52:27] k-man: gtg bye
[07:52:35] justinh: have fun
[07:54:22] justinh: and now, to try this at 800x600
[07:59:12] justinh: heh knew I'd have to rework stuff
[12:16:41] k-man: justinh, so do you think you can build your theme to work in both SD and HD?
[12:16:59] k-man: or more specificaly, at 4:3 and 16:9
[12:18:35] justinh: that's what I'm aiming for. I have to
[12:19:44] k-man: you have to?
[12:19:49] justinh: yes I have to
[12:20:01] justinh: my tvout has no widescreen option
[12:20:06] k-man: I see
[12:20:07] justinh: and my 32" CRT TV is 16:9
[12:23:35] k-man: my long term goal, if I ever finish MythCenter, is to unify MythCenter and MythCenterWide, but do so using template toolkit, so I can generate either theme from the one source
[12:24:43] k-man: but I expect I will either lose interest before then – or buy a wide screen TV, and lose interest in 4:3
[13:55:48] jpabq: justinh, Try playing with <arrange>spread</arrange> in your buttonlists. It *may* help to get it looking better when shown at different resolutions.
[13:57:23] justinh: jpabq: been there. not going there again :-)
[13:58:04] justinh: might be worth a try though.. the main buttonlists where alignment with other objects really matters are all 9 items of 40px height with a spacing
[13:58:52] justinh: thanks to inheritance I only need to change one line too. woohoo!
[13:59:18] jpabq: Right. It can help with the variable amounts of spacing needed at different resolutions.
[16:04:27] mag0o: ++ lose interest in 4:3
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[18:39:47] justinh: jpabq: think you might be onto something. wonder why it didn't do the trick for me before
[18:51:28] justinh: jpabq: a bit more than a 1 line change really though.. having to adjust all the buttonlists which inherit it – but worth the effort
[19:03:41] justinh: that seems to be working a treat. thanks!
[19:09:09] justinh: oh there's a menu option for rule/etc sorting now
[19:09:27] justinh: so are the keybindings for those gone yet, or planned to go.. or?
[19:32:15] justinh: arghh I knew there was something
[19:32:25] justinh: shorter buttonlists end up too spread out
[19:35:49] justinh: ah but I could override that in the popups
[19:35:52] justinh: sorted :)
[20:17:04] justinh: arghh looks like moviesel stuff isn't working with a %TITLE% %RELEASEDATE% template
[20:27:29] justinh: bum. not even with the workaround used in Arclight either
[20:27:38] justinh: I'll have to come up with another way
[20:28:44] justinh: seems I can't even have textareas outside the list a la PBB either
[20:30:55] justinh: ahhh
[20:31:02] justinh: that old thing again
[20:31:28] justinh: textarea name="title" with <template>%TITLE% %OTHERSTUFF% works :-)
[21:02:00] justinh: once you load the list with a dummy textarea of course. heh
[21:02:40] justinh: I think the default themes (only looked at -wide) could do with that screen updating to at least show the year in addition to the title
[21:03:21] justinh: anybody cribbing from the defaults will end up down the same blind alley I did :)
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