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Thursday, August 18th, 2011, 00:12 UTC
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[00:23:34] k-man: what is the correct way to refer to the development branch of mythtv?
[00:23:42] k-man: not .25 right?
[00:25:03] Captain_Murdoch: master
[00:26:09] k-man: thanks Captain_Murdoch
[00:28:50] Captain_Murdoch: yw.
[01:12:53] k-man: the feature to show widget boundaries is insanely good
[02:50:28] k-man: in this screenshot . . . 9-59.266.png
[02:50:48] k-man: why does the title truncate so far from the edge of the button? in the buttontree?
[02:50:51] k-man: any ideas?
[02:54:08] iamlindoro: k-man: diagnosing without XML is hard, but in this case it's almost definitely the fact that the cutdown code (and much of the text sizing code) is unable to "perfectly" guess how big something will be, because Qt has an API to tell you how long a string *should* be, but doesn't actually return a valid amount as it does not take into account kerning and other text rendering intricacies
[02:54:34] k-man: iamlindoro, ah, I see
[02:58:42] k-man: so not much one can do about that then?
[03:06:57] k-man: I noticed something strange, the arrows in the buttonlist are cropped when the screen loads, but if I toggle the widget borders, then they show. is that a bug in my MythCenter or a bug in how the buttons are drawn? see: . . . 5-11.359.png and . . . 5-18.460.png
[03:08:10] k-man: I guess it is because they are being drawn outside the area of the button list
[03:08:36] iamlindoro: k-man: yeah, not much you can do
[03:08:50] iamlindoro: and yes, it's a theme bug
[03:09:11] iamlindoro: To ensure proper drawing all contents of a buttonlist *must* be drawn in the buttonarea
[03:09:29] k-man: iamlindoro, ok thanks
[03:26:31] sphery: FWIW, Qt would give us the correct size if we passed the entire string to it rather than simply adding up the widths of individual characters
[03:28:44] k-man: sphery, interesting
[03:28:52] k-man: why do we do that?
[03:29:04] sphery: because no one has fixed it, yet...
[03:29:36] sphery: that said, I thought the cutdown code was passing full strings and only the cursor-positioning code was wrong, but I may be mistaken
[03:31:49] sphery: might be that we're we're using 3x width of "." to estimate how much space we need for the cutdown ellipsis, and on a low-resolution (800x600) theme, it shows up as a huge difference, perhaps?
[03:32:52] k-man: is it using a proper ellipsis char?
[03:34:27] sphery: don't know... I think we changed to use it at one point and had to change it back because of some problems with some fonts or some users' configs or whatever
[03:34:44] k-man: ah, yeah, that's boring
[03:38:12] k-man: so, going back to the arrows being off the edge of the buttonlist, what is the proper way to position them at the bott of the area? ie, a way to specify x pixels above the bottom of the area?
[03:43:34] k-man: s/bott/bottom
[05:11:45] k-man: sphery, I think your theory might be correct as I made the font smaller in the buttonlist, and now the gap is smaller
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[09:34:05] stuartm: k-man: -x
[09:48:59] justinh: wha? you mean I don't have to work out if the area is 400px high & the arrows are 20px high they need to be @ 380px to appear on the bottom?
[09:49:32] justinh: I could just put a Y pos of -20 ?
[09:52:38] stuartm: you can, I don't offer any warranty but ...
[09:55:06] justinh: interesting... I won't be going & altering anything I've already done but it might help speed things up in future
[09:55:15] stuartm: oh wait, that should be 100%-20
[09:56:23] justinh: ah that sounds more like it
[09:56:51] justinh: so are arrows technically inside a buttonarea?
[09:57:31] stuartm: buttonarea no, but they must be within the area of the buttonlist
[09:57:58] justinh: or they get clipped, right?
[09:58:05] stuartm: i.e. all children must be within the area of the parent
[09:58:32] stuartm: justinh: yes, although it's only evident with the QT painter right now since the GL painter redraws the entire screen
[09:58:51] justinh: I've been trying to be good & not overlapping any areas
[09:59:31] justinh: but in (dropbox link, so is safe btw) I like my arrows where they are
[10:00:04] stuartm: overlapping isn't such a bad thing, e.g. for images will will only redraw the dirty area not the entire thing
[10:00:35] stuartm: it's something to keep in mind, but don't compromise your design to achieve it
[10:00:48] justinh: right. so overlaps.. not so bad as textareas clashing etc
[10:01:04] justinh: I've been a devil for that in the past so have been mindful to clamp down on it
[10:01:08] stuartm: world won't end
[10:01:38] justinh: I'm thinking in terms of being the creme de la creme ;-)
[10:01:41] stuartm: the only reason you want to keep textareas from colliding is to prevent the text potentially running together
[10:02:32] justinh: I thought I was onto something with the banner artwork being drawn over the titles – til I ventured into my series directories
[10:03:40] stuartm: I did something similar with icons in the guide grid hiding the callsign, but then I learnt that some people like to use transparent or translucent icons
[10:03:53] stuartm: that sucked
[10:03:57] justinh: are the button positions absolute or relative to the buttonlist position?
[10:04:10] justinh: button/arrow. doh
[10:04:19] stuartm: relative
[10:04:50] justinh: weird then. my arrows are at a Y pos of 545 but the buttonlist is only 500 high
[10:04:52] stuartm: everything is relative to the container in which it sits
[10:05:28] ** justinh puts an override in to make sure qt painter is being used **
[10:05:35] stuartm: justinh: right, it will display fine, especially with opengl but it's not getting redrawn correctly
[10:05:58] justinh: ah so it's not clipped outright
[10:06:27] stuartm: justinh: no, maybe I should make it do so just so people don't think everything is alright when it's not
[10:08:26] justinh: did you see what I was muttering last night about the gallery view inheritance doing weird stuff?
[10:09:48] stuartm: no, I'll read back later, I've got things to do now :)
[10:10:05] justinh: I have a shape defined in base.xml called "basebox". if I refer to that in the gallery buttonlist any shape inheriting from it appears the right size but the spacing is as if it was the size of basebox
[10:11:04] justinh: take out the from="basebox" & all is well. Very strange
[10:52:46] k-man: stuartm, ahh! 100%-20 is very nice – well, I have to try it, but the concept is nice
[11:06:15] justinh: k-man: maybe scaling will break it. things often go wrong due to rounding
[11:08:02] k-man: justinh, oh – shouldn't MythCenter be run at 800x600?
[11:47:06] justinh: more that you can't account for what resolution it will be run at :)
[11:47:16] justinh: no accounting for what silly people do
[11:48:01] justinh: if you try a theme which looks perfectly aligned at the base res, at the same aspect but a lower resolution you might very well see misalignments
[11:48:22] justinh: that'd be due to rounding & can't really be accounted for easily
[12:12:54] k-man: justinh, so what is the solution?
[12:23:57] justinh: there isn't really one
[12:24:36] justinh: well not unless you make everything, spacing included, roundly divisible by all possible combinations
[12:25:16] justinh: FWIW as far as SD themes go, users would be unlikely to notice minor misalignments
[12:25:31] justinh: I mean an order of 2 or 3 px would go unseen no doubt
[13:52:51] jpabq: k-man, justinh, the 100%-20 stuff only works with master. stuartm, I had not planned to back-port that stuff, but I could....
[13:53:24] jpabq: I just got back into town, and was planning on working on the multi-line textedit this weekend.
[13:55:08] justinh: jpabq: don't worry about backporting it on my account
[14:09:53] k-man: jpabq, yeah and not on my account either
[14:10:16] k-man: I'm working to update MythCenter for master, not .24-fixes
[14:24:44] jpabq: Where the 100%-20 stuff is really useful, is for inheritance. Define a buttonlist in main, and use it all over the place with no other modification other than it's area.
[14:25:12] jpabq: Anyway, off to work.
[14:34:57] justinh: but I'm already doing that :-) Having to change arrow positions is nothing really
[14:35:26] justinh: that said I'm always a fan of less work
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