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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, 07:44 UTC
[07:44:25] justinh: stuartm: what's the thingy to get all the area boundings highlighted again?
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[08:57:18] paul-h: justinh: there's a jump points to show the widget borders 'Toggle Show Widget Borders'
[08:58:02] justinh: ahhh. very undocumented?  ;-)
[08:58:57] paul-h: It was documented in the commit message :)
[08:59:44] justinh: arghh not in 0.24
[09:00:18] justinh: I thought it was committed ages ago
[09:00:46] justinh: march... when was 0.24 released?
[09:01:44] justinh: november last year. heh.
[09:01:47] paul-h: more like November I think
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[09:07:39] justinh: time is just a blur in my life now :)
[09:38:20] k-man: justinh, so – is that feature in fixes?
[09:38:48] justinh: k-man: don't think it was backported, no
[09:39:01] justinh: I can't see it in my keybindings list
[09:39:10] k-man: justinh, me either
[09:39:33] justinh: I thought you were running master anyway
[09:39:42] k-man: I think I'm going to have to migrate to running master at home
[09:39:50] k-man: well, I just run it on a vm
[09:39:56] k-man: and work on it in there sometimes
[09:40:16] justinh: I'll be able to do it on my desktop at work :-)
[09:42:50] k-man: I'm nervous of moving to master at home – you know, it's mission crytical at home
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[09:44:35] k-man: hows the timeline on releasing .25 anyway?
[09:54:05] justinh: looks like I need to put .nz on my ignore list too
[10:42:53] paul-h: sphery: on the "Watch Recordings Rules" screen what should the first column in the list be showing?
[10:44:04] paul-h: In default-wide it's showing rectype but I think that should be rectypechar?
[10:48:45] justinh: bugger, I noticed that last week or so ago
[10:49:01] justinh: planned to put a patch in
[10:49:20] justinh: should be rectypechar for sure
[10:49:29] justinh: no way is there enough room for rectype
[11:02:44] paul-h: justinh: yeah that's what I thought
[11:04:20] paul-h: We need something like a help popup to explain what those characters actually mean
[11:07:25] justinh: that's also what I thought
[11:08:11] justinh: looking at what LinHES have been up to with menus.. seems DB backup/restore scripts can be called from non-PIN protected menus. Whoops
[11:08:44] justinh: saw some guy tweet about his 2 year old wiping his DB..
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[17:49:32] sphery: paul-h: It was supposed to be rectype since rectypechar is basically meaningless to users, but may not have enough room. I envisioned it more like what Terra did, but due to space (especially on default), I wouldn't mind if we just removed it from the button list and showed it only in the details section at bottom or something
[17:49:45] sphery: If you like, I can take care of that sometime soon
[17:58:55] sphery: paul-h: ah, I see you just pushed a change for it
[17:59:13] sphery: sorry for taking so long to get back to you (been away from computers today)
[18:00:23] sphery: I have a feeling amltech (#9992 guy) has X misconfigured or has an aspect ratio override
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[19:50:18] justinh: back to mythvideo theming now...
[19:51:18] justinh: trying to do the gallery view, and if I make the active button state have a shape background inherited from something I call basebox despite defining my own area bounds it's screwing everything up. take out the inheritance & all is well
[19:51:39] justinh: the basebox shape is a different area & it's messing up the spacing
[19:53:04] justinh: like the inheritance is messing up the area override
[19:54:56] justinh: the shape comes out the right size though. it's strange & I've not run into this anywhere else
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