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Monday, August 15th, 2011, 04:36 UTC
[04:36:18] k-man: so on my linux box, CartoGothic is called "CartoGothic Std" however on my mac, it is called "CartoGothic Std <weight>" where weight is the weight of the font
[04:36:45] k-man: this breaks the fontdefs on either mac or linux depending on wich way I define the font
[04:40:56] k-man: can you somehow define multiple choies? like Try font X, if that fails, try font Y?
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[13:56:52] sphery: k-man: -v gui,file,extra actually shows a different name for the font name at the end of: In file '%1', found font(s) '%2' , depending on platform? If so, it sounds like Mac OS X Qt isn't using fontconfig for font management, and is using whatever Mac OS X uses--which must have incompatible naming.
[13:58:29] k-man: sphery, I'll double check hang on
[14:02:20] k-man: sphery, yes, it appears that way:
[14:02:58] k-man: that was the output from my mac
[14:03:43] k-man: very annoying
[14:06:31] sphery: If that's the case, I suppose it would be possible to modify our font loading to check exactMatch() ( ), and if it's false try some fallback face name--with appropriate changes to the theme code to allow specifying fallback faces... like face="CartoGothic Std, CartoGothic Std <weight>, Helvetica, Sans Serif" (similar to CSS style font-family). And, with that approach, we could have a ...
[14:06:37] sphery: ... fallback "generic" family names at the end that we prefer with styleHint() ( + ). Though it would still be a different font (unless you actually wanted Helvetica or whatever), it would allow you to specify a fallback that would definitely have a certain style (sans serif, serif, typewriter, etc.).
[14:07:38] sphery: Might want to ask the guys who know the UI stuff (stuartm, iamlindoro, etc.) if they would support such an approach, and if so, you could work on a patch if you like?
[14:09:37] k-man: hehe
[14:09:38] k-man: joy
[14:10:29] k-man: maybe there is some way to get the correct font names?
[14:10:33] k-man: I mean in osx
[14:11:17] k-man: anyway, I have to go to bed
[14:11:17] justinh: use a font editor? ;-)
[14:11:28] k-man: :)
[14:12:09] k-man: ok, night all
[14:12:39] sphery: Heh, it should be a pretty good patch to get start with... There's already code checking exactMatch()--and then complaining loudly in the log files when you get a different font--so it's just a matter of having it try some fallbacks before it complains.
[14:13:43] sphery: k-man: the font name that's output is the name that Qt sees, which is the name provided by the underlying platform's font management. So, it sounds like Mac OS X font naming/matching is incompatible with fontconfig's.
[14:14:41] justinh: Think Different (TM) ? ;-)
[14:14:52] sphery: which means there isn't any "correct font name"--it's different on different platforms due to different font managers
[14:14:53] justinh: or was that somebody else's TM?
[14:15:31] sphery: heh, yeah, it's Apple's :)
[14:15:40] sphery: and very appropriate, it seems
[14:15:59] justinh: they never saw cross-platform apps coming
[14:16:19] justinh: mind, I found it hard initially to work out font names in linux
[14:16:27] justinh: linux/qt/whatever
[14:17:19] sphery: yeah... with the MythFontManager, it should be easy enough, now--just use -v file,gui,extra (or in master -v gui,extra) and see: In file '/Users/jason/.mythtv/themes/MythCenterNew/CartoGothicStd-Bold.otf', found font(s) 'CartoGothic Std Bold'
[14:17:51] justinh: I dunno much about font files themselves but I'm guessing there's more than one name field
[14:18:12] sphery: (oh, you only get the log statement if you put the actually ttf or otf into the theme dir)
[14:18:25] justinh: sphery: good enough for me :)
[14:20:59] sphery: open up a font in fontforge and you'll see the actual name in Element|Font Info... It has Fontname, Family Name (which is what Qt uses), and Name for Humans (which is often the same as Family Name)... It seems that Mac OS X font manager uses a combination of Family Name and Weight, based on k-man's description.
[14:21:42] justinh: methinks me opening a font in fontforge is the thin edge of a very slippery slope ;)
[14:21:57] sphery: I think those are the only supported names for ttf/otf--but if OS X is using more Adobe PS fonts or something, it may be different
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