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Monday, August 8th, 2011, 02:49 UTC
[02:49:26] k-man (k-man!~k-man@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-theming
[02:49:35] k-man: I suppose I should hang out here sometimes
[02:49:48] k-man: . . . 2-52.959.png see how the text is behind the buttonlist background – any idea why?
[03:04:03] k-man: here are the .xml files: base.xml: schedule-ui.xml:
[03:04:30] k-man: I expect the problem is due to me hacking MythCenter
[03:45:49] mag0o: k-man: looks like your text comes before the buttonlist background in your xml (without looking at the xml, just the pic)
[03:46:44] k-man: mag0o, yes, that's what I thought too – but afaict, it's all in the correct order in the xml
[03:56:57] mag0o: k-man: that a manual schedule window?
[03:58:16] k-man: no, it is the "edit schedule" window
[03:58:35] k-man: are you asking in relation to the xml?
[03:58:40] mag0o: yeah
[03:58:47] k-man: hang on, ill find the relevant section
[03:59:09] mag0o: (it's been a while since I've looked at any of the xml
[03:59:47] k-man: line 606 in the base.xml
[04:01:08] mag0o: how about the schedule-ux
[04:01:11] mag0o: ui*
[04:01:48] k-man: and line 1665 in there
[04:01:55] k-man: sorry, was just tracking it down
[04:01:57] k-man: its a long file
[04:05:21] mag0o: hmm, nothing jumps out at me. perhaps iamlindoro can spot it, he's always good at that ;)
[04:07:09] iamlindoro: you are defining the highlight by two different names
[04:07:38] iamlindoro: thus, when the second inherits from the first, and you define a new "background" by a new name, it's never heard of it before and drops it on top instead of replacing the existing one
[04:07:46] iamlindoro: <imagetype name="buttonbackground">
[04:07:51] iamlindoro: <imagetype name="background">
[04:08:15] mag0o: see, he's awesome!
[04:12:04] k-man: iamlindoro, so what do I do to fix it
[04:12:04] k-man: ?
[04:12:11] iamlindoro: give them the same name
[04:12:47] iamlindoro: Your active is two items, the image and then the text
[04:12:53] iamlindoro: your selectedactive inherits from it
[04:12:58] iamlindoro: and thus inherits those two items
[04:13:04] iamlindoro: you them add a "background"
[04:13:17] iamlindoro: so now you have buttonbackground, the buttontext, and background
[04:13:28] iamlindoro: what you want to do is replace the original background with the new one
[04:13:49] iamlindoro: so instead, in selectedactive, make the name buttonbackground so that it overrides the one it inherits from
[04:14:15] k-man: so I should changeimagetype name to background in "active" in baseverywideselector
[04:14:17] iamlindoro: It feels like, based on this question and some of the others you have asked in #mythtv-users, that you have not carefully read the theming documentation
[04:14:44] k-man: um
[04:14:47] k-man: ouch
[04:15:19] k-man: have I read the whole lot? no
[04:15:27] iamlindoro: It's probably time to do so
[04:15:38] iamlindoro: It's written to take you from nothing to understanding everything by reading it
[04:15:43] iamlindoro: not to be a reference you jump around
[04:15:51] k-man: ok
[04:19:34] k-man: are you refering to this document?
[04:19:40] iamlindoro: yes
[04:21:51] k-man: am I going to get in trouble for asking more questions on this issue before I read the whole document?
[04:22:21] iamlindoro: not in trouble, but I might not rush to answer anything that's covered in the docs
[04:24:27] k-man: I'm trying to convert the button list look to have the same look as the buttons, in MythCenter, which is what took me down this course
[04:24:36] k-man: the button list was not using an image background
[04:25:55] iamlindoro: That was by design, since it's intended to be a lightweight theme
[04:26:04] k-man: oh
[04:26:17] k-man: oh well, my fork of it won't be as light weight I guess
[04:26:43] iamlindoro: shapes/gradients are far faster than imagetypes, and they will look identical at different dimensions, versus imagetypes, which only look right at the original dimension
[04:27:10] k-man: hmm.. good point
[04:27:29] k-man: maybe I should go the other way and remove the images and make them all shapes
[04:28:34] mag0o: k-man: ++ on reading the theming documentation through, i've tried doing a theme with just jumping here and there, and i always ended up missing something that was documented
[04:29:03] k-man: right
[04:47:23] k-man: is it normal that themeinfo.xml would not validate? themeinfo.xml:2: element themeinfo: Schemas validity error : Element 'themeinfo': No matching global declaration available for the validation root.
[04:51:14] iamlindoro: themeinfo isn't part of the mythUI theming schema
[04:51:44] iamlindoro: thus, you can't validate it against an XSD designed for MythUI theme files
[04:51:47] k-man: is there a schema for it somewhere?
[04:52:00] iamlindoro: if you're asking if there's an XSD, no
[04:52:24] k-man: ok, thanks
[05:18:16] k-man: why are some of the buttons in mythcenter using image backgrounds if the intention was to be lightweight?
[06:03:28] justinh: umm, because it doesn't matter whether images in themes are files or shapes – they take up the same amount of memory regardless
[06:05:40] justinh: IIRC the size of the whole theme only weighed in at less than 2MB & that was including all the watermarks
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[09:30:56] stuartm: potentially shapes can use more memory if to achieve the same effect you need to use two or more shapes in place of one image
[09:34:59] stuartm: shapes aren't about making a theme use less memory but for simple designs they can be easier to work with, e.g. tweaking size and colour is faster, you can reuse the same shape definition in multiple places just adjusting the size accordingly, which avoids the need to create and manage lots of similar images
[12:35:40] k-man: I'm going to stick with the image approach for now
[12:36:04] k-man: my goal currently is to update MythCenter, not to write a new theme
[12:36:14] k-man: I'm trying to keep my eyes on that goal
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[20:19:10] justinh: first thing I would've done with mythcenter is change the name :-D Then get rid of the green menu highlighter thingy. Ugh
[21:37:12] k-man: justinh, what colour would you make the green highlighter?
[21:37:36] k-man: I'm open to suggestions, but I'm no designer, so for me, I can make things uniform, or fix broken things
[21:37:41] k-man: but designing something new is hard
[21:37:58] k-man: I did change the name, tp MythCenterNew ;)
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