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Friday, August 5th, 2011, 09:21 UTC
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[22:14:42] justinh: can somebody please verify a template with %n item(s) works with childcount in mythvideo? not seeing it have any effect here
[22:16:01] justinh: ahh I'm missing a type
[22:17:47] stuartm: ?
[22:18:35] justinh: I thought I was missing a type
[22:18:53] justinh: textarea childcount...
[22:18:55] justinh: <template type="positive">%n item(s)</template>
[22:19:12] justinh: it's not translating it to 1 item, 2 items etc
[22:19:31] stuartm: nah, that only applies to spinboxes which can have negative, positive values
[22:19:44] justinh: oh bugger
[22:19:48] stuartm: justinh: I'll check, sounds like it's assigning a string instead of an int
[22:20:09] justinh: oh you mean the type only applies to spinboxes. ah
[22:22:59] stuartm: justinh: right, hmm, I can't see a reason why that template would be failing, what's being displayed?
[22:23:10] stuartm: 2 item(s) ?
[22:23:15] justinh: yup
[22:23:51] justinh: or X item(s) – point being it's not translating
[22:23:55] stuartm: justinh: ah, ok, it needs translating before it can display 1 item, 2 items etc, since some languages would handle that differently to simply appending 's'
[22:24:26] justinh: ah so it's just that there's no translation for it?
[22:24:29] stuartm: justinh: I'm guessing that that particular string hasn't been translated for mythvideo, no-one has used it there yet
[22:24:39] stuartm: justinh: rright
[22:25:19] justinh: heh I'd have thought the word 'item' was already translated elsewhere – so I guess I just found out translations are contextual in terms of area too?
[22:26:16] stuartm: yeah, translations have context and themes have their own translation files too
[22:26:26] justinh: interesting
[22:26:39] justinh: quick way to add a translation for this case?
[22:26:54] stuartm: sorry, that should read "plugins have their own translation files"
[22:27:05] stuartm: since we need to allow third party plugins to ship with their own translations
[22:27:31] justinh: right.. and I'm guessing I'd need to compile from source to change translations?
[22:28:07] stuartm: justinh: not sure whether you'd call it quick, but you could run the themestrings tool script, regen the translations, complete that translation and build the qm binaries – about 4/5 very simple steps
[22:28:28] stuartm: justinh: no, but the updated translations might conflict with the packaged versions
[22:28:50] justinh: gah. it's too late in the day to be starting that now
[22:29:40] justinh: or is it? hmm
[22:30:04] stuartm: I guess I am a little surprised that it's not in the themestrings translations for 0.24, I thought it had already been used
[22:30:32] justinh: I did a grep & only found one instance. mine ;)
[22:31:02] stuartm: I'd like to allow themes to ship with their own translations in future, since we can't expect third party theme strings to be in the core translation files
[22:31:22] stuartm: that would simplify testing for themers too
[22:32:07] justinh: and put more burden on those who want longer longer longer words in fields I suppose
[22:32:39] justinh: arghhh themestringtool is looking for myththemes.. which isn't here for some reason
[22:32:51] stuartm: oops
[22:33:36] stuartm: I'd be happy to try and talk you through it, but it's late and I'd rather be in bed :)
[22:34:05] justinh: aye I think my git pull is borked
[22:34:47] stuartm: maybe not, we dropped myththemes iirc because we had the new theme downloader instead
[22:35:09] stuartm: I don't pay nearly enough attention to some developments around here ;)
[22:35:18] justinh: heheheh
[22:35:31] justinh: I think going to bed is a good option. busy weekend ahead
[22:35:53] justinh: nanight
[22:36:07] justinh: oh but.. thanks btw.. appreciated :-)
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[23:29:27] knightr: justinh, what string in what language do you have problems with? If it's in English, unless it's en_gb, I am one or the maintainer of them so I could fix it if what you want to fix is indeed fixable....
[23:30:44] knightr: if it's en_gb, I could contact the maintainer..
[23:55:57] Captain_Murdoch: isn't myththemes a separate repo? it's still around as the myththemes repo which has Childish, Mythbuntu, and metallurgy in it.
[23:56:21] ** Captain_Murdoch should erase the stuff that scrolled out of sight after he looks something up and verifies the answer to his own question. **

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