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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011, 01:57 UTC
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[09:31:27] justinh: jpabq: so am I right in thinking that this may signal the end of html in the progdetails screen?
[10:28:30] stuartm: yes, and no, in many cases there is still more information to be displayed that will fit in a single screen e.g. very long RT descriptions
[10:28:42] stuartm: and there is no working scroll facility yet
[10:29:44] stuartm: that said I'd not be unhappy to completely redesign the info screen(s) in some way so that they didn't have to scroll
[10:35:51] justinh: take some doing to guarantee that with uk_rt descriptions
[10:36:38] justinh: pity there's no way to have a shorter field option
[10:40:32] stuartm: well with both html/ss and mythui you could just trim off the end of the description if it runs too long, although I'm not sure if it's possible to do it neatly with html/css (ellipsis etc)
[10:41:31] justinh: sure, there's always that option but having a 2-line freeview-like description would suit me better :)
[10:42:36] justinh: wonder if there's really any point in still using uk_rt. I thought it was 14 days worth but really a lot of the things I look at don't get detail til a week before airing anyway
[12:30:50] stuartm: justinh: I still value the extended descriptions from RT, especially for films and the cast/rating info too
[12:31:16] justinh: nicer to have both though :)
[12:31:44] stuartm: I've not really noticed a reduction in detail for stuff more than a week out, but then if I'm going on holiday the detail isn't too important anyway I just need the title/time to schedule a recording
[12:32:12] stuartm: justinh: aye, a short alternative description would sometimes be handy
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