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Sunday, May 29th, 2011, 00:40 UTC
[00:40:07] Captain_Murdoch: why would you think you can browse there manually? there is an issue with remote FE's that I haven't tracked down yet, but I have recently setup a remote FE that I can use to test and try to fix the issue.
[00:41:11] Captain_Murdoch: go to if you want to manually download a theme .zip file. just unzip that into ~/.mythtv/themes/ on the FE.
[00:41:34] Captain_Murdoch: and /me notices that he left eons ago.
[01:00:02] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: FWIW, based on messages in #-users, he either made it work or found somewhere to download the updated version.
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[01:24:13] Captain_Murdoch: ah, thanks.
[01:25:09] Captain_Murdoch: I'm able to reproduce the issue on my standalone FE, so I should be able to figure out the issue when I get the chance.
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[21:23:07] jpabq: iamlindoro, Back when I first wrong the <minsize> stuff, stuartm_ complained that it's functionality was incomplete. And it was — it only worked for a very basic situation.
[21:23:54] iamlindoro: jpabq, I can't determine what an initiator is, or how it works, or what it controls, or how
[21:24:08] jpabq: The new patch allows you to have <minsize> elements which effect each other
[21:25:36] jpabq: Right now, only text areas can be initiators. The actual message determines the size of the area needed. Shapes areas, for example, are then modified relative the area needed for the text.
[21:26:59] jpabq: I had code that allowed images to also be initiators, but I accidentally blew it away, so I will have to re-write it.
[21:28:26] jpabq: The reason to add a control for the themer, is for the situation that you don't want the *actual* size of an image to impact the size of the other sibling elements. Instead you may want the size of the image to be affected by the size of it's siblings.
[21:29:06] jpabq: Am I making any sense?
[21:30:30] iamlindoro: I think I get the idea
[21:30:57] iamlindoro: The commit sounded like an iSCSI setup so I was a little lost :)
[21:31:07] jpabq: :)
[21:32:27] jpabq: iamlindoro, I will try to come up with a stand-alone example.
[21:44:10] jpabq: iamlindoro, on the wiki, how do I delete a page I made in error?
[21:48:21] jpabq: iamlindoro, anyway, shows some xml that you (in theory) could pop into video-ui.xml to see the minsize nesting in action. The example's result is actually a bit ugly but it does demonstrate the functionality.
[21:50:44] jpabq: You can see the the "director area"'s size is influenced by the size of the director's name. In turn that determines the size of the shape border around the directors name. That in turn influences the width of the area that is showing the description. Meanwhile the area needed for the description text also influences the width and height of the resulting area.
[22:04:49] jpabq: stuartm, iamlindoro, BTW, if you can come up with a better name than <initiator>, I would be happy to change it.
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