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Thursday, May 12th, 2011, 05:48 UTC
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[18:59:16] Sprigg: hi
[18:59:44] Sprigg: I have a question about Mytvideo/Tree View (i hope im right here):
[19:00:01] Sprigg: all my series episodes are diplayed like that
[19:00:01] Sprigg: "Seriesname SeasonXxEpisodeX – EpisodeTitle" (e.g. "The Big Bang Theory 01x23 – Blablabla"). My problem is, that long series names (like the one in the example) make it impossible to read the episode-title or even the episode-number. Is there any way to tell mythvideo to not show the series-title? and sorry if i'm totally wrong here or the answer is anywhere available in the broad spheres of the internet. I wa
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