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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011, 00:00 UTC
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[03:10:35] mag0o: need some input, which looks better: or
[03:11:43] wagnerrp: thats the bourne identity, not justified
[03:12:19] mag0o: hehe
[03:12:22] mag0o: funny guy
[03:12:27] ** wagnerrp hides **
[03:17:29] iamlindoro: The right aligned just doesn't look quite right to me, but it may be that you give so little horizontal space to the column
[03:17:52] iamlindoro: It makes me wonder which would look better if you took up more of the space closer to the poster
[03:18:36] mag0o: well, i have the poster size actually bigger than the poster, in case i run across a weird poster...not sure if that would ever happen though
[03:18:36] iamlindoro: You're pressed right up against the right border, but you leave all that free space between the poster and right column
[03:19:27] iamlindoro: Generally speaking posters will almost always be 2:3 or skinnier
[03:19:38] iamlindoro: I think you might be allowing for more than you need to
[03:20:17] mag0o: here is how much area I give it:
[03:20:22] mag0o: so, that's probably too much?
[03:20:43] iamlindoro: I think probably yes
[03:21:05] mag0o: ok, I was wondering, and also trying to decide between using coverart or fanart/screenshots
[03:21:24] mag0o: so I'll stick with the coverart, and give the textareas more room to see how they look
[03:21:35] iamlindoro: screenshots tend to be very low resolution as provided by our sources
[03:21:44] iamlindoro: so if you do use them, you won't want them that large
[03:21:49] mag0o: maybe that's where I came up with all that room, when i was playing with the fanart/screenshots
[03:21:52] mag0o: k
[03:21:55] iamlindoro: fanart is up to you but yeah, tends to be 16:9
[03:30:14] mag0o: so, how's this look?
[03:31:52] mag0o: or justified
[03:38:48] iamlindoro: full justified always looks weird to me
[03:39:00] iamlindoro: my gut reaction is that right justified looks better, but that's just gut reaction
[03:40:40] mag0o: i felt the same
[03:41:05] iamlindoro: Which is funny since I'm pretty sure I wrote the patch to add full justified text :)
[03:41:10] iamlindoro: and yet I've probably never used it
[03:41:16] mag0o: hehe
[03:41:44] iamlindoro: Was just when I was going through and seeing what "free" text manipulation functionality we could get from Qt that we weren't already using
[03:43:19] mag0o: heh, so, left justify throws off the labels, huh?
[03:43:56] iamlindoro: Yes, though there's nothing stopping you from putting those left too
[03:45:19] mag0o: true
[03:47:34] mag0o: i think we may have worked it into a good position –
[03:48:36] iamlindoro: "Director" and the director name are spaced differently from "Description" and the description
[03:48:43] iamlindoro: I would bring those parallel
[03:49:01] iamlindoro: or at least make all the labels and texts be identically relative to one another
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[03:52:10] mag0o: they're all in 10px, but that does appear to be off by a pixel
[03:52:18] iamlindoro: much more than a pixel
[03:52:26] iamlindoro: many pixels
[03:52:35] iamlindoro: if they're the same dimensions, then your align is off
[03:52:42] iamlindoro: ie, one of the is top, the other center, etc.
[03:53:50] mag0o: hmm
[03:54:53] mag0o: would it just be the font size change?
[03:55:16] iamlindoro: You are not showing the rest of the XML
[03:55:17] mag0o: goes from pixelsize 14 to 22
[03:55:28] iamlindoro: director <-> description
[03:55:41] iamlindoro: those labels and texts are unmatched
[03:55:45] mag0o: ohhhhh
[03:55:47] mag0o: doh
[03:55:56] mag0o: i was looking at director -> director name
[03:56:05] mag0o: oops
[03:56:15] iamlindoro: right, those two as related to description and description text
[03:59:13] mag0o: yeah, I change the align. director has left,vcenter while description has left,top
[03:59:49] mag0o: descrlabel inherits from directorlabel and changes position and value only
[04:03:10] mag0o: makes both aligns left,top
[04:04:53] iamlindoro: looks better-- are the director: and description: labels both at the same vertical level?
[04:05:31] mag0o: yes
[04:05:54] mag0o: the description label inherits from the director label and only changes the position and value
[04:06:19] iamlindoro: right, but it's the position I'm asking about
[04:06:27] mag0o: and the only position that changes is the X value (in from left side, i always forget if that's X or Y)
[04:06:33] iamlindoro: but if they're the same, then cool
[04:06:44] iamlindoro: tough to tell visibly since there's so much space between them
[04:07:12] iamlindoro: looks clean now
[04:07:12] mag0o: i put my big red box behind them to see :)
[04:07:32] mag0o: thanks for the input
[04:11:21] mag0o: and it doesn't look too shabby on the tv either :)
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[13:35:01] mag0o: so working with video-ui.xml – with what would cause
[13:44:02] justinh: I think in the list view it has to be a buttontree not buttonlist
[13:44:25] justinh: oh yeah "In the "tree" window (List View), it must be a buttontree"
[13:45:12] mag0o: ah, missed that. that must be what's discussed in the discussion page on the wiki
[13:45:42] mag0o: i'll go over that again, thanks for the extra set of eyes
[13:46:26] mag0o: ah, its not even in the discussion part, its on the wiki page itself
[13:46:32] mag0o: go ahead, trout me
[13:47:21] justinh: lol
[14:38:10] iamlindoro: !trout mag0o literacy
[14:38:10] ** MythLogBot slaps mag0o with a literacy trout on behalf of iamlindoro... **
[15:24:08] justinh: mag0o: looks like we could be on the same wavelength themewise... well *ish*
[15:24:18] mag0o: heh, really?
[15:24:27] justinh: oh wait.. horizontal menus? Forget I said that lol
[15:24:32] mag0o: :)
[15:25:06] justinh: I've toyed with horizontal lists but I found myself being drawn back to the old ways
[15:25:43] mag0o: yeah, it's hard to actually try to keep everything horizontal. I use a vertical list for the file browser
[15:26:26] justinh: I tried a mixture in the PBB & it kind of worked but it's a PITA
[15:26:35] mag0o: but that actually looks 'right' there
[15:26:44] justinh: yeah I think so too
[15:26:55] justinh: MOARINFOONSCREEN ftw
[15:27:07] justinh: I mean more info as opposed to more *list*
[15:27:27] mag0o: yeah
[15:27:37] justinh: collapsible areas :D :-P
[15:28:33] mag0o: heh
[15:29:46] justinh: well, hometime. I gotta pick up a new phone set on the way
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