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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011, 04:17 UTC
[04:17:31] mag0o: ok, so working on my theme with trunk, Videos > Browse Videos > I > Change Video Details > Edit Details then select any of the items that use MythFileBrowser and I get a segfault. Now, I am in the process of themeing that window, so would that possibly cause it?
[04:18:05] mag0o: grr, disregard me
[04:18:22] mag0o: its my theme, but not sure whats causing it. what level of -v would help me out
[04:19:05] mag0o: when it tries pulling up MythFileBrowser it crashes
[04:21:48] mag0o: ...and if I comment out my MythFileBrowser section it still crashes (was hoping it would fall back to default)
[04:29:24] sphery: mag0o: any chance you can get a backtrace? even if it's the theme, we shouldn't crash.
[04:30:01] mag0o: yeah, i'll have to go over the docs again on setting up gdm (it is gdm, right?)
[04:30:15] sphery: if it's easier, feel free to send me a copy of the current work-in-progress and I can try it tomorrow
[04:30:30] mag0o: k, that may be easier
[04:30:32] sphery: gdb :) no need for GNOME Display Manager :)
[04:30:38] mag0o: yeah, gdb
[04:30:40] mag0o: :)
[04:31:17] sphery: Oh, please put mythtv in the subject somewhere so I don't lose it. Need my e-mail address?
[04:32:41] mag0o: mtdean
[04:32:43] mag0o: ?
[04:32:54] mag0o:
[04:32:57] sphery: yep
[04:33:16] mag0o: will do, thanks for looking at it
[04:35:49] sphery: thank you--and I'll enjoy the preview of the theme, too (MythLite?)
[04:35:57] mag0o: Yep :)
[04:36:08] sphery: cool
[04:36:24] mag0o: comments welcome, though it's far from being started :)
[04:37:00] mag0o: I'm off to bed, thanks again.
[04:37:10] sphery: g'night. I'll let you know what I find.
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[17:58:56] mag0o: sphery: just verifying that you did get my email last night.
[18:10:01] sphery: mag0o: yeah, I did. Haven't yet had a chance to try to repro the issue, though. Will get to that in the next couple of hours.
[18:11:28] paul-h: mag0o: do you have a 'back' button in your file browser?
[18:12:47] paul-h: stuartm: should the back button be optional? If so we need to check for NULL in a few extra places
[18:16:12] paul-h: stuartm: in MythUIFileBrowser in case you missed what we are taking about
[18:20:54] sphery: paul-h: does that mean you already figured out his segfaults from last night?
[18:24:18] paul-h: guest guessing without a bt
[18:25:05] paul-h: if the back button is missing then it will segfault though
[18:53:09] sphery: paul-h / mag0o : looking at the theme he mailed me, he is missing a back button on MythFileBrowser, so that's probably what's causing it. . . . er.22_window says back isn't required, but I'll leave it to you guys whether it should be. Thanks for figuring it out, too.
[18:55:03] sphery: ah, I see you've already fixed it
[19:00:49] mag0o: I don't have the back button, but even when I commented out my MythFileBrowser section in the xml and gave a USR1 to mythfrontend, it would still crash
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[20:40:18] mag0o: sphery, paul-h – i added the back button and no longer get a segfault
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