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Monday, March 14th, 2011, 00:00 UTC
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[14:18:31] mag0o: ok, is it possible to change where the cursor is on the textedit box? I've tried moving it with an <area> tag, but no love
[14:39:34] justinh: I had a similar issue but I can't remember how I fixed it
[14:46:16] mag0o: well, at least I'm not alone...
[14:48:56] justinh: lemme see if I can have a look
[14:50:32] justinh: holy poo the PBB is taking ages to load
[14:51:04] justinh: and still loading...
[14:51:15] justinh: uh oh....
[14:52:51] justinh: readstringlist problems.. but a backend restart fixed it.. hum
[14:53:53] justinh: nah I didn't fix it either
[14:55:37] justinh: so my textedit cursor is still misaligned a bit
[14:57:41] justinh: looks like an area height isn't doing anything
[14:58:43] justinh: eew
[14:59:13] justinh: ahhh
[14:59:54] justinh: looks like the cursor always has to be the height of the text area
[15:02:43] justinh: is working for me now :-)
[15:32:46] mag0o: ah, thanks
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