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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011, 01:05 UTC
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[03:12:45] mag0o: shouldn't scanning for new videos trigger MythProgressDialog?
[03:13:28] wagnerrp: in what version?
[03:14:41] mag0o: trunk
[03:14:45] Captain_Murdoch: I thought it did for me in 0.24-fixes last time I tried. haven't tried trunk. my dev setup has 0.24 on it currently.
[03:15:06] wagnerrp: in trunk/master, the scanning code got moved to the master backend
[03:15:52] wagnerrp: theres an event that gets triggered when the scan is complete
[03:16:06] wagnerrp: so it probably waits for that and then refreshes the local view
[03:16:07] mag0o: I get MythUIProgressDialog::customEvent() Error, event claims to be a progress update but fails to cast in output, which is why I ask. I'm trying to get MythProgressDialog themed and need to see it
[03:16:24] wagnerrp: iamlindoro would be the best one to answer that, unless you want to delve into the code
[03:17:23] mag0o: ok, he'll evenutally pop up with an answer to my question, he always comes through, even when I should have searched better to start with
[03:17:26] mag0o: thanks
[03:19:28] iamlindoro: Scan is not done by the backend
[03:19:35] iamlindoro: it's doen by the FE in MythVideo
[03:19:42] iamlindoro: the backend just happens to *also* have a scanner now
[03:19:57] mag0o: so, my bigger question is, what can i do to display MythProgressDialog window?
[03:20:00] wagnerrp: oh, i didnt realize it wasnt yet used
[03:20:05] iamlindoro: The progressupdate thing is a MythUI issue which TTBOMK stuartm is aware of, likely having to do with the symbol visibility changes
[03:20:25] iamlindoro: Load the PBB
[03:20:30] iamlindoro: or MNV
[03:20:38] iamlindoro: or anything else that does the load of the screen in the BG
[03:20:53] iamlindoro: or download a theme
[03:22:42] mag0o: ok
[03:22:47] mag0o: thanks
[03:24:02] mag0o: man, any way to make it appear longer than a split second?
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[07:41:43] justinh: mag0o: heheh I'm going to run into that next. I suspect the best way to test changes to the popup might well be to hack it into another screen – i.e. put everything it uses into another window which'd be visible for longer
[07:43:08] justinh: hmmm actually maybe we'd all end up better off if we could somehow trigger that kind of thing with USR signals. Or.. a mythfrontend --themetest mode
[07:49:26] justinh: mag0o: of course the progress indicator itself would have to be bodged into a filepattern for testing
[07:54:14] justinh: maybe there'd be some mileage in trying to make a new uitest application. it wouldn't be anything like as involved as making a WYSIWYG theme editor but might allow for much speedier change making
[07:55:09] justinh: would doubtless be easier to maintain too – but then – it's just an idea, not code
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