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Sunday, March 6th, 2011, 12:47 UTC
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[16:27:47] skd5aner: iamlindoro: I saw your cadence png the other day, is mythui able to render that "glossy glare" on top of images?
[16:28:24] skd5aner: (like on the preview image in that example)
[16:45:22] skd5aner: ah, it's just another image type overlaid?
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[18:10:15] confuzed: Can anyone give help me tweak a theme?
[18:11:19] confuzed: I am curious if there is any way to do "dynamic" areas that adjust to fit their content.
[18:26:32] sphery: you mean like using percentage sizes for elements contained within others? If so, see, for example, Terra's base.xml and the definitions for stuff like basetextedit.
[18:27:29] sphery: allows you to inherit from basetextedit, but adjust size of the "outside" textedit, and the inside still fits/lines up.
[18:27:53] confuzed: I am editing Terra as a matter of fact. I am trying to figure out a way to make the clock at the bottom right align to the bottom right, but allow the time to get longer/shorter (IE use h:mm ap)
[18:28:51] confuzed: so essentially I would need two areas that grow according to their content. The time area, and an area that contains it and the date area.
[18:29:10] confuzed: not sure if that makes sense?
[18:29:27] sphery: don't know if that's possible. I know the "issue" was brought up before and many minds--far smarter than mine--didn't come up with a way to make it work, so the theme author changed the date/time to specify the formats that the theme was designed to work with
[18:30:42] confuzed: I know I can just make the area larger and the time fits... but I get a gap after the time. I can live with it, but I understand why the developer chose to use a fixed 24hr clock so that it could be kept to the right.
[18:30:51] sphery: confuzed: best I can do is link you to previous discussion. See and the linked tickets/changesets/etc.
[18:33:15] confuzed: sphery, Thanks. I am just doing this as an exercise to start learning theme development... I eventually want to do a theme based on Terra that suits my tastes a bit better.
[18:34:51] sphery: (Sorry, I'm not a themer, but am hoping to help get some people interested in working together to make new themes--and feel I may need to know a bit about theming to help get the ball rolling--so I figured I'd try to pay more attention in here. Anyway, if you're interested in theming, keep an eye out for the "Theme Teams" e-mail I should be sending to the lists sometime in the next couple of days.)
[18:40:29] confuzed: sphery, Ironically... I am the one that Rob came out of the woodwork to put in his place in that thread. So I know that thread intimately.
[18:42:36] confuzed: seems odd that there is no way to do "stacking" of areas and dynamic sized areas... I would have assumed that it would be there somewhere. In fact, it seems that I have seen them used, though perhaps they used different widgets than I can use here.
[18:43:09] sphery: Heh, well sorry if it brought back bad memories, but I'm glad to see you're getting involved. Good luck with your learning and theming.
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[20:07:23] stuartm: confuzed: what you want isn't possible, although you might get close using the <group> widget to encapsulate the date/time textareas and the collapse to content option to the textareas
[22:55:20] confuzed: stuartm, I think that's what I am missing... the collapse to content... I don't see it anywhere in the Wiki
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