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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011, 00:15 UTC
[00:15:03] paul-h: I would extend this to cover all themes in the repo, if the theme author wants to have the final say on any changes that's fine but it would be nice to complete all the official themes rather than the half completed state they are in now
[00:18:06] paul-h: A lot of the theme stuff I've been doing like adding the missing MNV screens could easily be done by a team set up to maintain the themes letting devs get on with the more important stuff
[00:23:06] paul-h: I think the translation team idea should be considered a success story and I don't see why a theme maintenance shouldn't work just as well
[00:33:10] sphery: Yeah, I think it would work extremely well for MythCenter* and default* (and, maybe we'd be able to get some team to turn default* into full-fledged themes that allow us to put MythCenter* and Terra into myththemes and only ship one default that's the same whether wide or square). I'm not sure whether stuartm would like to keep maintaining Terra and/or metallurgy. I should also talk to mag0o about Childish and gbutters about Mythbuntu ...
[00:33:16] sphery: ... to see if they want to maintain them (or lead a team?) or "pass them off to the community"
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[00:36:40] skd5aner: boo
[00:37:01] skd5aner: !url logs
[00:37:02] MythLogBot: No match for keyword logs
[00:37:07] skd5aner: !logs
[00:37:12] skd5aner: !url log
[00:37:12] MythLogBot: No match for keyword log
[00:37:14] skd5aner: grrr
[00:37:16] skd5aner: what is it
[00:37:47] sphery: skd5aner:
[00:37:56] skd5aner: thanks – found it in the topic
[07:33:13] justinh: FWIW I think any group effort to do with themes truly has to be a team effort – all for one & all that jazz. To me that means *teamwork* not design by committee – being able to see the big picture – or – as what started this.. big text ;-)
[07:34:39] justinh: I definitely don't mind lending a hand – but I doubt I could call myself a mythui expert
[07:35:17] justinh: compared to the 'never do nowt' people though... yeah I guess I am :P
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[16:29:47] iamlindoro:
[16:53:49] wagnerrp: new theme?
[17:14:17] iamlindoro: messing around, whether it will rise to the level of writing the whole thing I don't know
[17:15:05] sphery: don't you think the font is a little small? I mean, I could barely see that on my 13" black and white TV
[17:15:07] iamlindoro: Just sort of thinking about a remedy to the information/image overload of current themes (which I will freely admit I contributed to both in code and themes)
[17:17:29] iamlindoro: sphery: Heh, sadly from the very first window it's easy for me to predict all the bitching if I were to release it
[17:18:39] iamlindoro: in this case, it would be a) the license, b) the proprietary font, c) "It's missing the information I NEED", d) it's too white, e) "It looks like shit without the fanart" (always my favorite totally BS excuse)
[17:25:16] sphery: What's the saying about art and inspiring emotions? Whatever it is, I think it would apply here. If you don't get strong responses (either way), you're likely doing something wrong.
[17:31:26] iamlindoro: In that case this theme would have HUGE potential as "art" ;)
[17:32:00] gregL: iamlindoro, Pretty slick...
[17:32:17] iamlindoro: gregL: Thanks :)
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