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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011, 00:50 UTC
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[04:41:12] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, I think I see a bug in Arclight, but wanted to ask before changing. in status-ui.xml, buttonlist name="category", the width is set to 100% which makes the left-hand buttons cover the whole screen. changing this to 674 seems to fix the issue here, but I wasn't sure if that was the right solution since the scroll arrow states have X positions over 700.
[04:44:11] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, I'm not sure how that has escaped for this long-- tells you how much people use the status screen
[04:44:12] iamlindoro: <position>0,669</position>
[04:44:24] iamlindoro: just replace the area with that, as it is in the other locations with the same menu
[04:44:50] iamlindoro: (or, perhaps, how few people use Arclight)
[04:44:57] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, in the playbackbox, when the user is in the recording list and changes recording groups via the popup. the focus stays on the recordings list which doesn't seem to make sense to me and is different than pre-MythUI. was that desired or can I add a SetFocusWidget(m_groupList); at the bottom of PlaybackBox::displayRecGroup()
[04:45:25] Captain_Murdoch: most people probably don't notice since most of the lists on the right have lots of items so it's super obvious.
[04:45:32] Captain_Murdoch: that was for iamlindoro...
[04:45:37] iamlindoro: I figured ;)
[04:46:25] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that was for his benefit mainly. :)
[04:46:39] Captain_Murdoch: and I missed a not in there it looks like.
[04:51:57] ** Captain_Murdoch realizes he doesn't have fixes themes repo checked out. **
[04:52:54] Captain_Murdoch: ah, think I found it.
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[19:56:19] sphery: So, in #mythtv-users, a few of us (wagnerrp, skd5aner, and kormoc) were talking about theming and the sheer amount of effort required. wagnerrp mentioned that XBCM themes are generally created by teams of users rather than individuals. I think this approach could be useful for MythTV, too, so I was wondering what you all thought of the idea of my sending out an e-mail to the lists telling users that I (we?) would be happy to help ...
[19:56:25] sphery: ... anyone interested in creating a team, similar to the translation teams, to create and maintain new themes for MythTV. Could help them set up github, sourceforge, google code projects/repos, etc., and maybe help out with an overall plan.
[19:57:06] sphery: The latter--the overall plan--would require some people smarter than I (who know the general ideas behind theming--like create your base widgets, at minimum this list, then theme each page)...
[20:54:43] iamlindoro: Any team would need to be helmed by someone extremely familiar with MythUI, and would likely be very painful to get started as you basically tutor everyone in theming
[20:55:06] iamlindoro: TBH you can probably count me out, I am not longer interested in theming by committee, I've been too burned by users and devs alike
[20:57:44] sphery: Yeah, I think it would be useful for new themes--not recommending it for existing themes whose authors are still interested in those themes. And I agree that having a clearly defined leader would be important for ensuring consistency of style and design and usage. I'd just like to see more themes get created and I think the committment required for completing a theme individually is more than most people who may have some skill are ...
[20:57:50] sphery: ... willing to accept.
[21:24:07] iamlindoro: In for a penny, in for a pounds
[21:24:09] iamlindoro: er pound
[21:24:53] iamlindoro: I personally feel that we have people who will staunchly do nothing (usually the loudest) and people who will write whole themes, with very little spread in between
[21:25:18] iamlindoro: As much as everyone might *claim* to be willing to help, I'd expect nothing but crickets when a call for a team goes out
[21:25:33] iamlindoro: Sort of like rewriting mythtv-setup
[21:26:10] iamlindoro: anyway, I'd answer the occasional question but no interest in fostering a team until we get MythTV itself right. Physician, heal thyself and all that
[21:26:59] iamlindoro: All the non-themer devs have a fantasy about some magic full default theme, but have neglected to rope a themer into writing it, and are unwilling to accept any work from real themers anyway
[21:33:04] sphery: Yeah, it's probably over-optimistic to think it would interest more people in theming or result in more themes being created. And, I agree that getting that default* theme written will be a challenge. Was hoping this model might work for it.
[21:33:31] sphery: I may go ahead and make the offer, and do what I can to help any interested parties get started--assuming there are any.  :)
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[23:15:56] paul-h: sphery: I think it's a great idea, I've asked the same question myself and got the same negative response :( I would certainly help anyway I can though.
[23:19:05] sphery: Sounds good... I'll plan to make an offer, but I may take a bit of time to make sure of the wording.

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