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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011, 01:07 UTC
[01:07:28] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, I hate to do this to you, but new version of Arclight at the same location-- completely at your convenience, no rush, and I apologize for troubling you
[01:11:12] iamlindoro: And I promise not to add anything more today ;)
[01:23:36] Captain_Murdoch: new version ready for the FTP mirror, if that picks it up then I can push the index .zip update as well later tonight or tomorrow
[01:24:15] Captain_Murdoch: only a minute or so of my time. would be quicker if I ran my packaging script on the webserver itself which I plan to start doing soonish.
[01:26:02] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, cool, thanks
[01:26:02] iamlindoro:
[01:26:06] iamlindoro: FWIW, that's what I added
[03:23:26] mag0o: thanks sphery, I'm still working on that lite theme I started shortly after the competition
[03:23:43] mag0o: Trying out some different fonts to see how they look
[03:23:51] sphery: ooh, cool--I'm still looking forward to that theme. hope the -v worked for you
[03:29:43] mag0o: helped me a bit
[03:30:28] mag0o: but now that I think about it, I guess it'd be easier to just use the <weight> tag instead of an actual bold font variation
[03:31:23] iamlindoro: the weight tag can only work with what your font contains
[03:31:35] iamlindoro: ie, it can't make a font that only has one weight into a heavy/bold
[03:32:03] iamlindoro: the font needs to contain a given weight for it to work with the tag
[03:39:08] mag0o: ah
[03:41:14] mag0o: so, if I've got a couple of .ttf files from a google font, inside a folder in my theme dir, will the <weight> tag pick the bold ttf?
[03:44:41] iamlindoro: no
[03:44:50] iamlindoro: each font file is a different font name
[03:45:23] iamlindoro: install the fonts on your system and use an application that allows you to browse the systemwide fonts by their accurate names
[04:01:47] mag0o: Yeah, I'm going to have to do that
[04:01:53] mag0o: time to stop being lazy
[04:09:46] mag0o: fc-query says the name is "Cousine Bold" but when I set that as the face in the xml, it can't find it
[04:10:35] iamlindoro: "Cousine" is likely what you want
[04:10:47] iamlindoro: and if all it has is a bold, then regardless of what weight you put, you'll get bold
[04:11:10] iamlindoro: I have no idea what fc-query is, or what of those fields is correct, though
[04:11:37] iamlindoro: I just install them and use my text editor, which displays their correct usable name
[04:11:38] mag0o: there are 4 ttf files Cousine-Bold.ttf Cousine-BoldItalic.ttf Cousine-Italic.ttf Cousine-Regular.ttf
[04:12:04] iamlindoro: Again, you need to get to the bottom of what their true name is :)
[04:12:14] iamlindoro: I'm not holding out on you
[04:12:22] iamlindoro: you need to install them and use an app that gives their correct usable name
[04:13:27] mag0o: Cousine it is
[04:16:07] mag0o: doing instead of asking is often times just as effective.
[04:16:42] mag0o: Cousine is indeed the name, and adding the <weight>bold</weight> tag to the font definition did use the bold ttf
[04:17:54] iamlindoro: When multiple files that use the same name exist, then yes, that's how it will work
[04:22:20] mag0o: Good to know :)
[04:22:30] mag0o: thanks for putting up with me, again.
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