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Monday, February 28th, 2011, 04:02 UTC
[04:02:30] mag0o: short of installing the font on my system, anyone know how to find the font name from a ttf? I've grabbed a font from google fonts to see how it looks but can't figure out what the bold version of the font would be named. <font>-bold and all variants don't work
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[06:39:05] sphery: mag0o: throw the font file in your theme directory, then start up mythfrontend with -v gui,extra and look for a line: "In file '%1', found font(s) '%2'"
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[09:22:30] justinh: I think I used somw Windows font tool or other last time I needed to know. LOL
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[16:10:24] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: Arclight 25.6 now available at (wonder if we should add a <releasenotes version="25.6" note="Added support for smolt and new audio capability setup to setup wizard"/> sort of thing)
[17:36:34] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, thanks. I packaged up the new version, now to see if OSU rsync is still working since we're in the last days of moving the server. a release notes or similar tag might be good. could add a popup or some way to view the current and previous changes.
[17:38:30] iamlindoro: Thanks Captain_Murdoch
[17:38:57] iamlindoro: I have some outstanding changes for the smolt thing to test and commit when I get home, but once that's done maybe I'll add some release notes parsing to themeinfo
[17:39:16] iamlindoro: might need some help/some hints on the notifier/downloader though
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[17:42:55] ** iamlindoro realizes he decided to refuse to refer to it as "Smolt" **
[17:43:11] iamlindoro: That's why I avoided use of smolt in all the code-- it's the "Hardware Profiler"
[17:43:21] iamlindoro: you know, like we want people to understand what things are :)
[17:48:11] Captain_Murdoch: we could have the current note available for use in the theme buttonlist and either have a popup w/ scrollable list with all notes or just a freeform text box that listed all notes.
[17:49:39] Captain_Murdoch: if the current note was available in the buttonlist, themers could display it when the updateavailable state type was set.
[17:50:15] iamlindoro: yeah, sounds good
[17:50:24] Captain_Murdoch: don't you think a simple popup with just the question "Smolt?" and a yes/no button would be understandable to 99% of users. :)
[17:50:25] iamlindoro: (well, for it to be available both in the buttonlist and freeform)
[17:50:47] Captain_Murdoch: he who smolt it dolt it.
[17:50:55] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: heh-- in fact, I am about 99% certain that I didn't use the word smolt once in the code
[17:52:26] iamlindoro: the submit/delete/maintenance code is in libs/libmyth/hardwareprofile.* and the UI code is in programs/mythfrontend/setupwizard_general.cpp
[17:53:05] iamlindoro: stuartm rightly pointed out a month or so ago that the date/time code I had on the general page of the wizard wasn't really the best choice, but I didn't have an alternative at the time
[17:53:25] iamlindoro: it makes a lot more sense to me to prompt the user to share their hardware profile on the general page, so that's where it is now
[17:54:55] iamlindoro: (and the widgets are hidden on platforms where we don't support the hardware profiler, so the general page just becomes a "welcome" page)
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