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Friday, February 18th, 2011, 01:35 UTC
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[14:18:09] justinh: sigh. this group button list is going to kill me
[14:25:00] justinh: ahh I think I know where I'd gone wrong
[14:25:21] justinh: changed the names of textarea from 'name' to 'buttontext'
[14:27:40] stuartm: I kinda regret buttontext, it doesn't work so well as specific named textareas :/
[14:29:06] justinh: I meant it was originally textarea name="name" – which worked on some things which inherited it but not the group filter list
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[14:41:49] justinh: have to be more careful with naming things – though I wouldn't have suspected there to be reserved names
[14:48:01] stuartm: justinh: the only reserved names are things like 'default', button{text|check|image} etc
[14:48:20] stuartm: well aside from per-screen reservations for special use
[14:49:44] justinh: wonder why the textareas weren't being inherited from the base widget then
[14:51:40] stuartm: can't comment without seeing the xml
[14:51:48] stuartm: grouplist has 'items' which I've not seen many people use e.g.
[14:52:03] stuartm: but you're talking about the filter popup?
[15:02:19] justinh: yeah the filter popup
[15:02:39] justinh: the base buttonlist had <textarea name="name">
[15:02:55] justinh: which was working fine in the PBB
[15:03:20] justinh: since i changed it to <textarea name="buttontext"> it's fine throughout now
[15:03:54] justinh: I'd likely do better at this if I could take a good long look at it but I keep stabbing at it in small bits
[15:04:47] stuartm: justinh: ah, right, yes using 'name' in the base buttonlist will probably cause unintended issues in other screens which use 'name' for something else or which don't use it at all
[15:06:17] justinh: lesson learned :)
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