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Monday, February 14th, 2011, 01:02 UTC
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[09:53:47] Jezz_X: morning peoples anyone happen to have a high res source image for the mythtv logo ? all the ones I find are broken because they go to svn and its not on git anymore
[10:13:26] stuartm:
[10:17:32] Jezz_X: thanks what about the background on the blue one is that seperate anywhere I noticed it was a background fromone of the skins
[10:19:37] Jezz_X: wonder if the source is anywhere without the shadows and such
[10:22:43] stuartm: probably not, sadly no-one thought to keep the originals
[10:24:14] stuartm: there is an SVG version, it's a best-effort copy of the original logo – not perfect, but passable
[10:24:38] Jezz_X: meh may as well just remake it I guess
[10:25:01] Jezz_X: thanks anyway
[10:27:22] stuartm: ...
[10:28:57] Jezz_X: yeh found the one I want somthing more like the square one but that once is too low a resolution
[10:36:24] stuartm: Jezz_X: . . . ckground.png
[10:40:25] Jezz_X: ahh very nice stuartm thank you indeed just what I needed
[11:00:47] Jezz_X: stuartm what you think
[11:04:19] stuartm: not bad, I think I can improve on the text in that svg and when I get the time I'll give it a go, needs softer edges
[11:14:00] Jezz_X: I wouldn't worry unless you want it for yourself it serves my purpose for a while
[11:15:58] stuartm: Jezz_X: we need a better version for future uses generally
[11:16:43] stuartm: well, unless we have an all new logo designed to go along with the incorporation of the MythTV Foundation
[11:17:04] Jezz_X: I was using it for this (XBMC)
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[20:39:26] justinh: an EPS of the logo text was around somewhere once upon a time
[20:39:42] justinh: I managed to get a vector of the logo text from that
[20:40:10] justinh: unfortunately the only copies I had are probably on an old hard drive in my loft
[20:44:09] stuartm: I played with it earlier and something closer to the hi-res PNG versions is starting to take shape – sadly not pure vector, that background is almost impossible to reproduce exactly
[20:45:40] stuartm: would you happen to know what the font is? That might help, atm I'm applying touchups by hand to the existing svg text, but the spacing isn't quite right so it might be easier to start from scratch
[20:46:01] justinh: I did find out once
[20:46:28] justinh: I think it's still an MS favourite though
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[20:46:50] justinh: two words: logo competition!
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[20:47:42] stuartm: if we change the logo then I'm faced with changing Terra/Metallurgy ;) Not to mention my case badges ...
[20:48:08] justinh: heh. I threw my last badges out
[20:48:36] justinh: I can always get some more done if need be – was my thinking at the time
[20:49:20] justinh: yeah a logo competition – and anybody who puts Tux in their entry gets some death over IP
[20:58:12] wagnerrp: theres an SVG of the round blue with text on the wiki
[21:40:46] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro had some new logo designs at one point that he was playing with. I can't find my link or local copy of the sample though.
[21:42:55] Captain_Murdoch:
[21:43:11] Captain_Murdoch: [16:41] <iamlindoro>
[21:43:17] Captain_Murdoch: just to show it was his memory, not mine.
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[21:43:36] ** iamlindoro peeps **
[21:43:39] iamlindoro: Ah, there we go
[21:43:41] Captain_Murdoch: and we see it
[21:43:42] iamlindoro: stupid nickserv
[21:44:07] iamlindoro: I always thought if you didn't ident on a registered nick, it bumped you
[21:51:26] stuartm: iamlindoro: nope, you have to ask NickServ to ghost the user who has usurped your nickname
[21:51:37] iamlindoro: Silly
[21:51:43] stuartm: /msg NickServ ghost iamlindoro
[21:52:03] iamlindoro: yeah, I've ghosted myself before, but that was always when a timeout did it to me
[21:52:12] iamlindoro: (so I had already identified there)
[21:52:56] stuartm: iamlindoro: well I guess it's done that way to prevent unused accounts from preventing legitimate use of a nickname by someone new (ignoring for a moment the 90 day rule)
[22:06:20] wagnerrp: i kind of like the fourth one down, brown one
[22:08:24] stuartm: only I think we're shifting away from a pure dvr focus towards 'media centre'
[22:08:41] justinh: only folks wouldn't spell centre right ;-)
[22:09:06] stuartm: how true
[22:09:38] justinh: maybe a name change too then :P
[22:09:55] iamlindoro: Was just all goofing around anyway
[22:10:09] iamlindoro: Randomly got mad at the logo one night and spent like 45 minutes at various iterations
[22:10:10] Jezz_X: Its a "Myth" that it actually does "TV"
[22:10:10] justinh: oo! just make the logo a symbol – and the name is how you would describe the symbol
[22:10:25] iamlindoro: Jezz_X: pardon?
[22:10:34] Jezz_X: bad joke sorry :)
[22:10:53] justinh: don't give up the day job
[22:11:14] Jezz_X: don't have one some I'm good I work nights :)
[22:12:05] justinh: darnit now I realise why nobody else has bothered making items in lists have different background colours depending on their status. damn optical illusions
[22:12:14] stuartm: justinh: we're not calling it 'The media centre formerly known as MythTV'
[22:12:20] wagnerrp: well it doesnt have to say 'digital video recorder', it could say something else
[22:12:40] iamlindoro: I'll say that I'm not wild about the terra color scheme to start
[22:12:48] iamlindoro: so I'd be least in favor of switching our logo to it too ;)
[22:12:49] justinh: spacing between items is the same. size is the same. yet a white translucent background looks slimmer than a red one :-\
[22:12:52] Jezz_X: MythMCE :) lol
[22:13:11] justinh: harumph. back to plan A.. the icons
[22:14:06] Jezz_X: Linux MythCE think I might quit while I'm behind :P
[22:14:13] stuartm: ok, let's not start re-designing the logo and re-naming the application whilst there are more important things to work on
[22:14:25] stuartm: and there are many of those
[22:15:06] iamlindoro: stuartm: Indeed, and I try to give those their due too, but it is still my time to goof around on what I want ;)
[22:15:13] justinh: ahh that's betterer. had my selected shape with an outline it needn't have had :) </chunter>
[22:15:18] iamlindoro: and besides, those ideas are months-old
[22:15:34] iamlindoro: from way back around when the Myth foundation was going to save the planet and document our policies
[22:15:41] iamlindoro: and we were all going to be friends :)
[22:15:55] justinh: and there was only going to be one menu in every plugin
[22:15:58] ** justinh hides **
[22:16:15] wagnerrp: would we drink coffee on couches at trendy bars?
[22:18:34] justinh: probably ;-)
[22:19:41] Jezz_X: oh who won the recent themeing comp btw ? I forgot all about that
[22:20:55] justinh: . . . on%20Results
[22:21:39] stuartm: recent?
[22:21:40] iamlindoro: where recent == a year ago
[22:21:49] iamlindoro: And that was the *end* of it
[22:21:57] iamlindoro: since it started nearly 18 months ago
[22:24:07] Jezz_X: oh LCARS theme nice :) and yes I don't pay much attention
[22:24:32] stuartm: iamlindoro: seems there was some confusion about the Foundation, it was never billed as the saviour of the planet nor was it meant to be involved in day to day code work – policies are being discussed right now, but what we're also discussing is just where jurisdiction begins and ends
[22:25:04] iamlindoro: stuartm: I was employing a small degree of hyperbole ;)
[22:25:59] iamlindoro: stuartm: My concerns with the foundation are that things are not being done in the open, and that things people were ready to leave the project for *right now* have yet to be corrected a year later
[22:26:37] iamlindoro: Obviously any complicated machine like the foundation takes some time to get started, but it would be easier to accept if anyone knew what was going on-- or indeed who is even a part of it
[22:27:04] stuartm: as far as I'm concerned, the foundation was to serve two purposes – limiting legal liability of individual developers/providing an official face for legal matters AND a convenient body to keep ownership of assets such as our domain names or future income from donations etc
[22:27:17] iamlindoro: I for one have no idea who is on the board, where or how often discussions take place, whether there's any intent for the developers to have input on the policies they'll be expected to follow, etc.
[22:27:55] stuartm: iamlindoro: very little is/was going on because it takes significant time to setup these things, we were only formally incorporated two weeks ago
[22:28:52] iamlindoro: stuartm: is there any place I should be watching to know that milestones like that are being passed? I'm not attempting to be intentionally obtuse, a genuine curiosity
[22:29:01] iamlindoro: ie, it's the first I've heard that incorporation occurred
[22:29:16] stuartm: iamlindoro: I thought Captain_Murdoch had announced it to -developers, I guess not
[22:31:22] stuartm: iamlindoro: generally speaking, the policies set forward by the foundation will be common sense, if I get my way then the dealings of the foundation shouldn't really affect developers noticeably – I don't want policies governing code etc to be part of the foundation policies except when legal in nature e.g. Do no steal the work of others (violate licenses)
[22:31:31] iamlindoro: oh well, just maybe something that might be worthy of thought as we move forward-- keeping discussions publiclogged/whatever and maybe the occasional status update
[22:31:47] iamlindoro: stuartm: Sure, but surely on some policy items there would be room for discussion?
[22:32:10] iamlindoro: stuartm: I'm leery of just accepting a finish product tome of policies without ever having had any input on them
[22:32:13] iamlindoro: er finished
[22:33:36] iamlindoro: I'm sure I'll largely if not entirely agree on them-- but that's not to say that everyone will, or that everyone who disagrees won't have a valid point
[22:34:37] iamlindoro: I've had this chat in private with some-- I'm not angry or disgruntled or anything, just hoping for more openness, that's all
[22:34:37] stuartm: iamlindoro: no doubt when we've got something reasonably solid we'll open it up for discussion, but if people want to believe that having a board is going to help to keep things on track then that board has to operate without referring everything back to developers – what's the point of the board otherwise? We might as well go back to the developer voting system
[22:35:02] iamlindoro: As I don't want to see foundation become to -developers as -developers is to -dev
[22:35:12] iamlindoro: (ie, yet another secret shadow list ;) )
[22:35:55] iamlindoro: stuartm: Well, simply making it visible/searchable would permit those with concerns to at least raise them, and be passive otherwise?
[22:36:07] stuartm: iamlindoro: and I don't want to see the foundation become in anything in relation to -developers, I want to see development continue pretty much autonomously as it did before
[22:36:15] ** iamlindoro sighs **
[22:36:30] iamlindoro: you're missing the forest for the trees
[22:36:56] stuartm: the foundation was not created to resolve the issues of 6 months ago, it was created under legal advice as a response to the patent threat from MPEG-LA
[22:37:00] iamlindoro: All I'm saying is that there's no compelling reason anything done by the foundation should not be 100% transparent to the developers whom they represent
[22:37:25] stuartm: and that's the only reason for it to exist IMHO
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[22:38:00] iamlindoro: And that if there's no cause for alarm in anything done by the foundation, which exists to act on behalf of the developers, then all discussion done in an official capacity in relation to the foundation should be visible to the devs
[22:38:11] iamlindoro: That's *all* I'm saying
[22:38:13] stuartm: iamlindoro: yeah, I agree to some extent, I'm merely saying if every discussion had by the board, every meeting etc becomes a three-way discussion spread across multiple lists then I for one will blow out my brains
[22:39:03] iamlindoro: stuartm: And I'm merely saying that if the foundation is a black box from which the occasional policy fart emits, that I see a potential for issue
[22:39:29] iamlindoro: Forgive the impolite metaphor, it's not meant as an insult to the foundation, only to elicit a laugh
[22:39:38] stuartm: iamlindoro: and I'm saying that my best efforts will be to prevent the board making 'occasional policy farts'
[22:39:42] iamlindoro: hah
[22:40:41] iamlindoro: stuartm: OK, just saying in advance that you should expect some strongly worded opinion from me if the first I hear from the foundation "officially" is a list of policies :)
[22:40:41] stuartm: that's not it's purpose as far as I'm concerned :) I really can't stress that, I personally do not wish to see it as some formalisation of the (failed) steering committee
[22:41:24] iamlindoro: In fact, I think I'd be really happy with just the occasional "Hey guys, what's up, here's where we're at legally with the foundation, any questions/comments/concerns?"
[22:41:32] iamlindoro: It would make me feel nice :)
[22:41:35] iamlindoro: ;)
[22:42:03] stuartm: iamlindoro: if you do hear that first, then it will be because I failed entirely to convince the rest of the board that the foundation should not become 'upper management'
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[22:42:30] iamlindoro: That's reassuring to hear. Thanks.
[22:42:46] iamlindoro: (and I mean that. I'm glad you are of that opinion, it gives me confidence for the foundation)
[22:43:12] stuartm: the 'board' only exists because corporations need a board, not because a bunch of developers decided to self-appoint themselves the leaders of the project
[22:43:59] iamlindoro: understood
[22:45:13] stuartm: not that the board was 'self-appointed', all developers were invited to fill the seats and all officer positions were decided by a nomination/vote process
[22:46:21] stuartm: a formal announcement of the board/officers and incorporation details is probably appropriate now that the paperwork has finally gone through
[22:51:22] stuartm: iamlindoro: what is probably going to influence most people was the implosion at ffmpeg, no-one wants to mirror that by allowing the misconception to spread that the foundation is a splinter group of developers attempting to seize control of the project
[22:51:53] iamlindoro: I'm not sure everyone has an appreciation for just how complete a collapse that whole thing was
[22:52:14] iamlindoro: indeed, it got so little coverage at places like slashdot that it's a wonder people are even aware of it at all
[22:52:57] iamlindoro: We're also a significantly less robust project on the whole
[22:53:17] iamlindoro: ie, they could lose a half dozen developers and barely feel it-- if we lost the right half dozen the project is over
[22:53:50] stuartm: that's not what it is ... I'm not saying that some people involved aren't thinking that way, but that's not it's founding intention and hopefully we'll prevent it turning into that – which is where the aforementioned policies will probably come into play, enshrine the separation of church and state in the binding policies ;)
[22:55:04] iamlindoro: Will cross my fingers and hope for the best :)
[22:56:34] stuartm: anyhow, I've discussed more with you (and the rest of this channel) in the last 20 minutes than the entire board has covered in the last 6 months
[22:56:57] stuartm: it's still very early days
[22:57:55] stuartm: the biggest debate we've had was over what to call the corporation
[22:58:00] stuartm: big stuff indeed

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