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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011, 00:32 UTC
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[12:42:03] justinh: hmm. what's the definition of 'inuse' and 'processing' ? I can't seem to get a 'processing' statetype to work when a job is running on a recording
[13:45:44] justinh: trying to validate my xml.. themeinfo.xml is failing repeatedly
[13:46:08] justinh: "themeinfo.xml:2: element themeinfo: Schemas validity error : Element 'themeinfo': No matching global declaration available for the validation root."
[14:06:21] stuartm: themeinfo is expected to fail, it's not mythui markup, it describes the theme
[14:06:37] justinh: ah fairy nuff
[14:06:45] stuartm: but I may add validation support for it at a later date
[14:06:58] justinh: the other stuff I have failing is the font definition changed
[14:07:23] justinh: I need to upgrade to 0.24 cos it seems there's a couple of statetypes not working as expected
[14:08:34] justinh: reading the wiki though I'm not sure – the areas in question haven't changed for ages 'processing' etc
[14:09:36] justinh: at least now I know 'concept' won't be spat out unceremoniously by 0.24
[14:10:43] justinh: maybe it would but not for xml validation anyhow :)
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