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Friday, January 28th, 2011, 06:02 UTC
[06:02:51] iamlindoro: Anyone else feel like we can completely eliminate the step between Utilities/Setup and Setup?
[06:03:18] iamlindoro: Move Edit Keys under Setup, remove music tools entirely since it exists elsewhere, done
[06:05:27] sphery: I love the idea
[06:05:41] sphery: make Utilities/Setup into just plain Setup
[06:05:46] iamlindoro: Yes
[06:06:02] iamlindoro: I'm liable to just do it and beg forgiveness later
[06:06:11] sphery: heh, works for me
[06:11:00] iamlindoro: done
[06:13:24] iamlindoro: Let them come for me!
[06:13:36] iamlindoro: And I'm going to do another thing to throw off people's memory, too ;)
[06:17:09] iamlindoro: Heh, this one ought to get me in some trouble ;)
[06:20:20] iamlindoro: There
[06:20:32] iamlindoro: Now the Setup menu sorta kinda makes a little more sense
[06:20:53] iamlindoro: at least we dont' have to say that "TV Settings applies to MythVideo and DVD and Blu-ray playback"
[06:21:05] iamlindoro: Now it's just Setup->Video->Playback Settings
[06:34:39] iamlindoro: stuartm, Everything in is accessible from MythMusic itself, and it only adds confusion to the menu-- can we remove it?
[06:35:00] iamlindoro: ie, you can do Setup->Media Settings->Music Tools->Music Settings
[06:35:01] iamlindoro: and
[06:35:08] iamlindoro: Setup->Media Settings->Music Settings
[06:35:45] iamlindoro: and that's not even addressing that Setup->Media Settings->Music Tools contains a bunch of the same functionalities as just going to MythMusic
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[09:45:26] stuartm: erm, I'd run it past Paul
[09:47:19] stuartm: I can't say I'm entirely convinced that moving everything under Music Tools deeper into the menu structure is a good idea, I use the import/ripping functionality on weekly basis
[09:48:37] stuartm: hopefully we can make it accessible directly through mythmusic after the mythui port is complete, but for now burying it seems like the opposite of what we want to do
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[14:08:53] iamlindoro: Didn't realize those parts were only accessible there-- well, we can pull it back up in the hierarchy but I'd really rather not give up the flattening of the structure-- can you think of another place to put it that might be more sensible?
[14:25:10] stuartm: there is no good place for it, but hopefully it should only be temporary, I'd want those screens/features accessible through the primary mythmusic UI once it's been ported
[15:38:12] iamlindoro: This ffmpeg thing is getting truly nasty
[15:39:00] iamlindoro: Now they're just telling each other to fuck off, in those exact words, in public, with no mask of reasonability
[16:22:42] Captain_Murdoch: now we'll have users asking if they can use 'the other' ffmpeg instead of the one whos source we semi-mirror. :|
[16:24:10] stuartm: gotta love politics and egos in open source
[16:24:45] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, since you're both looking-ish, do the changes to the default menu structure make sense/look good to you guys? ie TV Settings becomes "Video" to match the existing "audio," and the reordering into logical groupings?
[16:25:12] iamlindoro: I played with it for a while last night and was much happier with the logical flow, even if it's just some tiny rewording/flattening/reordering
[16:25:36] stuartm: I haven't looked that closely, but it sounds fine, certainly it's difficult not to improve the menu structure
[16:26:45] iamlindoro: I'm sure someone will bitch because it breaks their muscle memory, but I think the new user will have a much easier time fathoming that playback settings are in Setup->Video->Playback instead of Utilities/Setup->Setup->TV Settings->Playback
[16:28:55] Captain_Murdoch: I noticed it was getting long in some areas when I went to test the video sample download, so I'm all for improvement. TV -> Video makes sense to me since most of those are for Video Playback which includes more than TV.
[16:30:55] Captain_Murdoch: I need to look it over again, but can't right now.
[16:33:16] stuartm: iamlindoro: simplification etc is good and it's worth forcing users to re-learn how to do things in order to achieve
[16:33:41] stuartm: I'm like a broken record on this subject, so by now everyone must know my opinion on this stuff
[16:35:56] iamlindoro: particularly those of us who share it ;)
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