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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, 00:20 UTC
[00:20:09] sphery: Does it bother anyone else that we have a settings widget for "Use arrow key accelerators" (UseArrowAccels), still, and that it's still respected in libs/libmyth/mythdialogs.cpp ? Anyone think I could get away with removing the setting and making mythdialogs no longer use it (like the mythui part of MythTV)?
[00:21:02] sphery: consistency with mythui + danielk's suggested approach at would seem to be a good "until it's done properly" reason for removing it
[00:26:42] iamlindoro: Works for me
[00:29:46] sphery: I'm just afraid it might restart the "we must put the setting back" demands
[00:29:57] iamlindoro: Or finally put them to bed
[00:30:05] iamlindoro: It can't be any worse than it's already been
[00:30:51] sphery: it sounds like danielk was recommending that a theme be allowed to specify accelerators on a per-window basis or something... like <accel-cancel>LEFT</accel-cancel><accel-select>RIGHT</accel -select> , right?
[00:32:04] iamlindoro: I am not sure of daniels intentions, though I don't think I like the sound of that
[00:35:51] iamlindoro: if we want the theme to be able to control behavior, then it shouldn't be a half measure
[00:36:07] iamlindoro: it should all be an actual scripted language a la Qtscript
[00:36:30] sphery: ah, yeah, that would be the right way
[00:36:44] iamlindoro: As we likely need to incorporate some level of scripting for complex animations, it makes sense to set out with all that kind of flexibility in mind
[00:37:27] iamlindoro: without which you can never really do a "total conversion" of a Myth UI
[00:37:37] sphery: and really accels have to be smarter than just mapping cancel/select to an action--since it's usually "if you're here and you get the action, then cancel"
[00:37:48] sphery: so, yeah, I think it would require real scripting
[00:38:27] iamlindoro: I think that QtScript is actionscript based too, so it might not necessarily require reinventing the wheel, just a solid idea of what we're setting out to do
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[10:25:19] stuartm: it keeps coming back to scripting, but although it seems inevitable I'm not entirely happy to have animation etc dependant on scripting – at least not basic effects
[10:26:54] stuartm: reason being is that many current and prospective themers are not going to be comfortable with scripting
[10:28:48] stuartm: I do already have an idea for simple sequence based animation done entirely in markup, it has the potential to satisfy most themers and still remain foolproof
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[18:18:59] stuartm: ugh, I hate the mythvideo code
[18:20:49] iamlindoro: Losing the delaydeathpointer would not break my heart
[18:21:01] iamlindoro: it's a trivial gain for a lot work heartache
[18:21:09] iamlindoro: and only serves to confuse people in the end anyway
[18:22:11] stuartm: the code is wilfully obscured :(
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[21:38:26] iamlindoro: stuartm: Have you had any conversations with Mark about his plans for the theming syntax w/ GLSL shaders? I spoke to him, and this was months ago now, and he said that adding effects was as simple as dropping in new fragments now-- but what remained was to figure out the theming portion of it. I wonder whether it would spur development in that direction if you guys had a conversation
[21:39:42] stuartm: Mark and I talked about making some changes which would help with accelerating image rendering/scaling, but that's all so far and I've yet to do what I promised him
[21:40:30] iamlindoro: I have the occasional itch to work on something new, but I'm resolved not to do so until at least some of the promise of those effects/etc. is available, as I feel like another whole theme right now would be a wasted effort
[21:40:49] iamlindoro: knowing my luck the effects stuff would turn up a week before I released it, I'd try to bolt it on, and it would turn to shit
[21:41:23] stuartm: I think we'll both talk about it when we feel we have the time, I don't want to say that it's not a priority but I'm looking at a list of long list of jobs that I want to finish sometime in the next 6 months and the effects stuff isn't yet on there
[21:41:59] iamlindoro: I'm not sure he wouldn't be happy to do it himself, just wondering if he needs a little guidance about how you want it done
[21:42:27] stuartm: he's not been shy about asking my advice before now
[21:42:31] iamlindoro: ok
[21:42:52] iamlindoro: well, however you think it's best, I know you're both busy with many divergent tasks-- it might just be that he hadn't circled back around to it yet
[21:43:13] stuartm: iamlindoro: we'll talk, I'm just saying that it probably won't be this week ;)
[21:43:18] iamlindoro: no worries
[21:46:29] stuartm: there's a heap of usability stuff I want to focus on, stuff that will make a real improvement to the end-user experience and which won't get done otherwise
[21:47:37] stuartm: I'd love to get back to doing the fun stuff like UI effects/animation, but it's going to be more satisfying if there are still users around to see it ;)
[21:47:53] stuartm: which is where this other stuff becomes important
[21:53:06] iamlindoro: Hard to argue with those priorities

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