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Monday, January 24th, 2011, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:03] iamlindoro: Well, you know better than I. I just know that I feel fairly proficient with much of the rest of MythUI and Progress Bars manage to still frustrate the heck out of me. I'm sure it'll click someday
[00:01:00] stuartm: I'll see if I can't create a stripped to basics demo
[00:01:35] iamlindoro: I'm sort of being forced through the wringer right now anyway, maybe by the end of this screen I won't need it any more :)
[00:04:52] iamlindoro: It may not help that of the places it's actually used, which are few and far between, it's wrapped within layers... well, let's call them Withersisms
[00:05:44] iamlindoro: layers of, that is
[00:06:51] stuartm: iamlindoro: that's probably what's causing the confusion here, I admit it's hard to be objective as the author of that code but I don't see the progress dialog as being complicated, certainly not enough to be causing you trouble
[00:07:30] iamlindoro: I'm taking a step back from it and just trying to implement it from the progress bar header file alone-- will probably make more sense to me with the back to basics approach
[00:08:41] sphery: stuartm: Oops, that was wrong channel... Was commenting that action processing works just as you explained (local, then global bindings)--which meant that #9390 was invalid.
[00:08:55] sphery: so thanks for the help in closing one of my tickets!
[00:09:23] stuartm: in basic terms you create the popup and add it to the stack as any other screen, you then create a thread passing in the pointer to your progress dialog (so updates can be posted back), in the thread you create ProgressUpdateEvents() which are postEvent'd back to the dialog ... when thread is finished() you close the dialog
[00:10:05] stuartm: iamlindoro: progress bar ... right, I'm thinking of the dialog
[00:10:16] iamlindoro: stuartm, Well, I mean the dialog, sorry
[00:10:28] stuartm: ah ok good
[00:11:43] stuartm: iamlindoro: I'll write an annotated example tomorrow, maybe it can form the basis of some documentation on that dialog
[00:12:37] iamlindoro: That's be great-- I suspect I'm nearing something that would work (though I have another bug that's preventing me testing that theory)
[00:12:52] stuartm: I'd do it now but I'm really tired and my shoulder is causing me some pain
[00:13:06] iamlindoro: I'd just like to be able to give an accurate indicator of the download progress when downloading the video samples
[00:13:14] iamlindoro: nah, no rush or urgency at all
[00:14:13] iamlindoro: Well, it compiles, anyway, maybe that means something ;)
[00:14:38] iamlindoro: presumably I can SetMessage/Progress/Total on the fly without issue?
[00:16:10] stuartm: from the same thread yes, but if it's in the same thread any lag is going to cause the redraw to be jerky
[00:17:22] stuartm: from another thread you can update those by posting a ProgressUpdateEvent() – a struct basically containing those values, it's sent to the UI thread and then SetMessage/Progress/Total are done in that thread avoiding the need for complicated locking
[00:18:55] iamlindoro: yay
[00:18:56] iamlindoro: it works
[00:19:38] iamlindoro: Much nicer to see "Downloading Video Sample (x of y bytes)"
[00:19:41] iamlindoro: and the little bar
[00:20:13] iamlindoro: I'm not using threading but it's supposed to block anyway
[00:20:21] iamlindoro: so it doesn't seem to cause an issue
[00:22:58] iamlindoro: Woo hoo!!
[00:23:16] iamlindoro: downloads with progress bar, goes to the backend, playback starts when done... lovely :)
[00:24:42] stuartm: strictly speaking nothing should ever block in the UI thread, but we'll worry about that later, there are plenty of places that still do so one more isn't going to hurt
[00:31:03] iamlindoro: If you have any curiosity about seeing it, you can git pull and get current arclight, and just add a menu item for the setup wizard... though I'd like to get the samples off my server before we make it available ;)
[03:28:37] iamlindoro: Anyone know why Paul chose to create a new widget for his list search and not use the existing MythUI MythSearchDialog?
[03:29:01] iamlindoro: Now we have a MythSearchDialog and a MythSearchListDialog which perform the exact same function
[10:04:44] stuartm: I'd missed that :/
[10:05:00] stuartm: no, I don't know why he did that
[15:30:24] stuartm: !seen paul-h
[15:30:25] MythLogBot: paul-h was last seen 1 day 15 hours 39 minutes 34 seconds ago
[18:12:20] iamlindoro: GFSD:KHGSD
[18:12:38] iamlindoro: When did objecting to theft start making you into the bad guy?
[18:12:49] iamlindoro: I give up, I really do
[18:13:23] iamlindoro: I'm the jerk for saying people shouldn't steal, and that it's not okay to defend them
[18:13:46] iamlindoro: Let's all just rape and pillage
[18:34:41] wagnerrp: sounds like a plan
[18:38:39] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv-theming
[18:40:27] iamlindoro: Out of respect to you, I promise to only pillage you
[18:41:54] wagnerrp: oh come on, we know how those pirates passed the time on those ships
[18:51:55] mrand: by applying eyeliner to each other?
[18:56:43] wagnerrp: indeed!
[23:15:05] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)

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