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Sunday, January 23rd, 2011, 00:18 UTC
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[01:03:57] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, Arclight could use a pull for the trunk downloader, I've bumped the version, it includes the theme stuff for the new setup wizard work in progress-- might be worth updating at some point in case anyone would like to work on/look at the setup wizard
[02:49:11] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, is it ?? I only see one file updated in 2011 in that tarball and that file is themeinfo.xml. only file updated in december is config-ui.xml. just want to make sure that's the right file before I upload the new package.
[02:50:10] iamlindoro: yes, I haven't changed the theme since I wrote the code, and there was a long pause before I committed it-- if you want to give me a few hours, I'm probably going to have another new window to commit
[02:50:42] iamlindoro: The setup wizard is only really of use to devs until we get the samples up
[02:51:29] Captain_Murdoch: will that be a 25.2 version?
[02:51:32] iamlindoro: yes
[02:51:46] iamlindoro: I figured using the prospective realease.minor worked best
[02:51:49] iamlindoro: er release
[02:52:26] Captain_Murdoch: ok, I'll upload what I have and will try to check back before midnight. I think they do the rsync between midnight and 1am EST. after the rsync,I copy the new index andthemeinfo.xml files on the website.
[02:52:52] iamlindoro: oh, ok-- I didn't know it was automated or I never would have pinged you about it
[02:53:01] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that makes sense to me. helps differentiate which version of MythTV the theme is compatible with as well.
[02:53:12] Captain_Murdoch: the OSU rsync is automated, not my stuff.
[02:53:30] Captain_Murdoch: I was waiting to automate it untilafter the website is back on our own server.
[02:57:54] iamlindoro: New version up now, that won't change for a bit.
[02:58:12] iamlindoro: Changes from tonight should give a clue as to what I've got going in in the next day or so
[03:56:54] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, 25.2 will be synced to the mirrors tonight.
[03:57:18] iamlindoro: great, thanks-- doubt it will make any difference to anyone at all, but good to know we're up to date :)
[05:16:49] iamlindoro: I like this new Version 25.2, I feel like emacs
[05:33:52] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, 25.2 is up now.
[05:34:02] iamlindoro: Saw that in the downloader, thanks
[05:34:03] Captain_Murdoch: now you're light years ahead of everyone else.
[05:34:48] iamlindoro: haha
[05:34:56] iamlindoro: I'm like 24 better, right?  ;)
[05:35:14] ** Captain_Murdoch needs to get the notifier patch cleaned up so users will get automatically notified of theme updates. **
[05:37:08] iamlindoro: yeah, that will definitely be nice to have
[05:37:27] wagnerrp: is that something the frontend would check? or a housekeeper task on the backend?
[05:38:54] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, currently the MBE housekeeper downloads the 'index' once a day. the FE's check the info on the MBE when they startup.
[05:43:52] iamlindoro: Anyway if someone would care to play with the simple setup wizard, it's supported in now-current arclight, you just need to add a menu item
[05:44:07] iamlindoro: (and drop in some appropriately named files if you want to test the playback profile test
[05:45:18] iamlindoro: Need to find someone wise in the ways fo encoders to produce two 20–30 second samples that approximate 480i and 1080i playback in H.264 with nominal, middle of the road options
[05:50:00] wagnerrp: dont just want to use some HDPVR output?
[05:50:31] iamlindoro: I've thought about it but I think there a couple issues with it
[05:51:05] iamlindoro: I'd much rather closely approximate BBC-HD encoding using Big Buck Bunny as the source
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[17:20:52] stuartm: HDPVR output is tougher since it's not sliced
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[20:18:49] iamlindoro: Heh, how does the blender project turn a ten minute short movie into a 4 DVD set?
[20:18:56] iamlindoro: it's like George Lucas is on their board
[20:20:45] wagnerrp: easy, re-render it at 923042x23990
[20:22:17] iamlindoro: Hehe, but they are apparently DVDs, not SuperHiDs
[20:22:24] iamlindoro: that said, it's possible the discs contain the raw assets
[20:23:02] wagnerrp: well sure, that just means theyre filled with 100 little 10-minutes slices at 720x480 each
[20:24:53] iamlindoro: So the SD sample will be BBB, the HD sample will be Sintel, just to keep things interesting
[20:25:36] wagnerrp: just going to recompress them to suit our requirements?
[20:26:51] iamlindoro: yeah
[20:28:24] iamlindoro: And not going to worry about making them interlaced, either
[20:28:44] wagnerrp: should probably toss in a 36mbps multi-sliced one for bluray
[20:28:45] iamlindoro: we'll never tick all the boxes for everyone, so just choosing to do L4.1 at 6 and 19 Mbit
[20:28:50] iamlindoro: no
[20:28:51] iamlindoro: no way
[20:29:02] iamlindoro: We're not trying to have a sample for every purpose
[20:29:07] wagnerrp: just broadcast stuff?
[20:29:18] iamlindoro: just an SD sample and and HD sample that will give a general idea if playback of either is possible
[20:29:54] iamlindoro: If we get beyond that then it's going to mutate out of control and defeate the purpose of writing a super simple initial setup wizard to begin with
[20:32:09] wagnerrp: ok, so this is just to get some sane default settings
[20:32:21] wagnerrp: rather than idea settings
[20:32:23] wagnerrp: ideal
[20:32:24] iamlindoro: yeah, exactly
[20:33:08] iamlindoro: they go through the audio step and have working audio. It might not be perfect audio, but audio works. They go to the video step and get working, stutter free video playback and can compare all the methods. It might not be perfect video, but video works
[20:33:37] iamlindoro: The idea being for the brand new user to get through a simple, easy to understand wizard and at least be at the point where they're not telling us they don't have audio or video
[20:34:13] iamlindoro: At elast it allows them to "self serve" and try the detected audio and video devices one at a time, in real time
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[23:05:45] sphery: iamlindoro: "This MythTV performance tester says that my Atom with Intel GMA is the *perfect* frontend!"
[23:05:55] ** sphery awaits his fate **
[23:06:38] iamlindoro: only if you replace these clips ;)
[23:07:45] sphery: heh
[23:08:03] iamlindoro: speaking of sample files, I just got myth to download them to the temp SG... just missing some event back to get them to play on download completion
[23:09:38] iamlindoro: BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]DOWNLOAD_FILE FINISHED[]:[] . . . 2[]:[][]:[]0
[23:09:43] iamlindoro: Well that all seems right...
[23:19:59] iamlindoro: so why am I not receiving the event...
[23:25:21] sphery: traced the code, and /yes/ it works as gbee said
[23:25:24] sphery: so I'm happy
[23:25:35] sphery: now just have to explain to the user what happened
[23:25:39] sphery: and close a ticket!
[23:50:21] stuartm: ?
[23:53:23] iamlindoro: Hmm, it would be nice to have a OpenProgressPopup/UpdateProgressPopup/CloseProgressPopup like we do for Busy Popups in mythscreentype
[23:53:29] iamlindoro: I'd be a lot more likely to use them :)
[23:54:37] stuartm: eh, I'm not too happy with that idea, it's a slippery slope
[23:55:02] iamlindoro: I know you like them, and I feel like I've had them explained to me a lot, but I find the progress popups really hard to use
[23:55:11] stuartm: before long we'd have helpers for every conceivable popup
[23:55:18] iamlindoro: They're the only mythui widget that requires so much thinking
[23:57:22] stuartm: not sure it can really be helped, they go hand in hand with threaded processes and threaded processes means passing back progress info via events, no way around that
[23:58:19] stuartm: in all other respects they are no different to other screens/popups

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